MLB, NFL group hands out first anti-doping grant |

MLB, NFL group hands out first anti-doping grant

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado ” An anti-doping group formed by the NFL, Major League Baseball and others has handed out its first research grant ” $500,000 to a Cornell researcher looking for better ways to detect steroids in urine.

MLB, the NFL, the U.S. Olympic Committee and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency pooled $10 million last year to create the Partnership for Clean Competition, pledging to hand out periodic grants to scientists doing anti-doping research.

The first recipient, announced Wednesday, is J. Thomas Brenna of Cornell. His research is designed to detect previously uncharacterized or unknown designer steroids in urine, said Larry Bowers, USADA’s lead scientist.

Brenna also testified as an expert witness for USADA in the Floyd Landis doping case.

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