MLB won’t suspend Rockies’ Torrealba or umpire, fine likely |

MLB won’t suspend Rockies’ Torrealba or umpire, fine likely

DENVER – Colorado catcher Yorvit Torrealba and umpire Bill Miller have avoided suspensions over their on-field dispute during the Rockies’ 14-inning win over the San Francisco Giants on Monday night.

Baseball disciplinarian Bob Watson told The Associated Press on Wednesday that while nobody will be suspended over the brouhaha, fines are still likely to be handed down once his investigation is complete.

“I expect to make a decision in due time. I’m not going to jump to any conclusions. I’ve spoken with a lot of people about this. I spoke with (Rockies manager) Jim Tracy, I’ve spoken with the umpires, I’ve spoken with a lot of people,” Watson said.

“There probably will be fines, yes.”

Torrealba said Miller called him a derogatory name while the catcher was a baserunner late in the game and accused him of showing up home plate umpire Angel Campos with his body language on calls he disagreed with while behind the plate.

Torrealba said he didn’t want to be ejected, so he saved his response until after the game, when a handful of teammates also exchanged words with the umpiring crew, which included Derryl Cousins and Jim Joyce, as the umpires tried to make their way through the Rockies’ celebratory scrum to a fence behind home plate that leads to their locker room.

On Wednesday, Torrealba said he was relieved but never felt his part in the hubbub rose to the level of such severe punishment as a suspension.

“I don’t see any reason for a suspension anyway,” Torrealba told the AP. “I think it was all a part of the game. Obviously, there was a little emotion. I don’t see what I did was wrong, I don’t see what he did was wrong. We’ve got to just move on, it’s in the past, I don’t take anything personal. We just need to learn from that experience.”

Torrealba said he could stomach a fine, though.

“If there’s a fine I’ll just pay for it, but hopefully it will be the end of it even if there’s a fine,” he said. “Just drop it, let it go and move on.”

Torrealba struck a conciliatory tone in part because he doesn’t want to cement a reputation as a hothead catcher when it comes to umpires.

“I’ve been trying to get along with every single umpire since I’ve been in the big leagues and the last thing I want is be known by that reputation, especially being a catcher,” Torrealba said. “You have to talk to the umpires, you have to build a relationship with them. It was an emotional game.”

Miller has declined to comment about the exchange.

Other Rockies who face possible fines for jawing with the umpires during that game include shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, closer Huston Street and pitching coach Bob Apodaca. Joyce, who was umpiring first base, went to the Rockies’ rail along their dugout and exchanged words with Street and Apodaca after Street told him Miller needed to quit jawing with Torrealba at second base.

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