Muspratt, Blackstock win Vail Pro Series super-G |

Muspratt, Blackstock win Vail Pro Series super-G

VAIL, Colorado ” While the uninformed may think Texans are so full of pride as their state is so darn awesome that this is a daily occurrence, March 2nd is the day in 1836 when Texans officially declared independence from Mexico, and after a few hiccups (the Alamo and Coleto), Sam Houston delivers by whupping Mexican President Santa Anna on April 21.

Anything big is appropriate for Texas and Vail Ski School honored this day with its biggest and fastest race ” the super-G ” this ain’t Nastar, baby. The combination of wheezing lungs and thrilled smiles from every competitor slouched over in the finish area can attest to that.

Speed is sexy and the large turnout reflected this allure with many Pro Series newcomers deciding to give their twin tips a go at 50-plus mph. There’s omething Texan to be said for forsaking all the smaller races and just hunkering down, going for it and jumping in at the deep end.

Normally in speed races, fashion takes a back seat as racers ski to win but apparently the girls can do both. Who knew? Valerie Muspratt sported a fetchingly restrained light blue unitard with retro stripe and a mint-green baseball-helmet combo to scorch the women’s field. Emily Oatis did justice to her lazy and relaxed style by showing up in tight cotton pajamas. The rear flap did catch in the breeze, dumping some speed but she still held on for second place.

On the men’s side, function triumphed as gaudy speed suits and long narrow skis dominated the baggier participants. The longest “and most seductive ” ski of the day award goes to Hans Oberlohr with a pair of 195 low profile tip race room Atomics.

Brian Blackstock, one of the few who could take advantage of deteriorating but icier course conditions as the sun set, edged out Juan Santa Maria for the win. Fresh from hockey practice and still wearing a hockey helmet ” hey, whatever works in this economy ” Gunnar Moberg rounded out the podium in third.

The finale of the Pro Series arrives today with the Terrain Park Blowoff at 4 p.m. at Golden Peak.

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