New respect for the Huskies |

New respect for the Huskies

Shauna Farnell
Preston Utley/ The Huskies bench watches the final seconds as the Devils go to the free-throw line. The Huskies upset the Devils in the final seconds of the Saturday night's game, 54-48.

EAGLE-VAIL – R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That’s the new chant for Battle Mountain girls basketball.The Huskies gave a new definition to “rebound” Saturday when they beat Eagle Valley, 55-48, in a game where they didn’t take the lead until the final four minutes.”This is the best game we’ve ever played, I think,” said Alexis Guinn, who led her team in steals as well as points.”We just really wanted to beat Eagle,” she said. “We proved ourselves and we earned respect.”Eagle Valley kicked off the game with a 14-point lead in the first five minutes. From that point on, the Huskies fought tooth and nail, and the Devils didn’t make it easy.

“Eagle Valley fought throughout the whole game, too,” said Battle Mountain coach David Hite. “They shoot the ball so well. It makes it even sweeter for us to beat a team like that.”The second quarter kicked off with a slew of fouls from both sides. Eagle Valley’s Amanda Padilla controlled the game for a few minutes before Lauren Prewitt stepped in and returned a field goal and Guinn backed it up on an Eagle Valley rebound which she ran the length of the court and put in on a layup. Eagle Valley didn’t falter for long and Stacie Santoro put up a quick goal, then a free-throw rally ensued with both teams inching up in points, but Eagle Valley holding the lead.”Four of the five games we’ve lost this season were because we didn’t play the whole game,” Prewitt said. “We would end the half with the lead and we wouldn’t finish the game, so that was our goal.”A defensive whirlwind on both sides finished off the half, but the Devils were ahead, 20-17.Eagle Valley’s Rachel Sandoval opened up the second half with a swish, but Guinn was quick to return it, hitting the backboard on the fly for another bucket.The Devils ran the score up with a few more points from Padilla and Santoro, and Alex Amsden topped it off with a steal and a 3-pointer. Amidst a swarm of groping hands, Battle Mountain’s Meagan Reigel put the ball up for two and then went 1-for-2 on free throws.

Whitney Beasley turned it again with a steal and another score for the Devils from Amsden. Battle Mountain’s Katie Hite put one up for a swish and Sandoval, in turn, did the same. The Guinn show began again with an interception and assist to Reigel, then scored on a foul and was 2-for-2 in free throws. Eagle Valley still led, 39-32, going into the fourth quarter.Prewitt led her team into it with the first score and Guinn was pushed on a field goal she still managed to sink, and got up for another two in free throws. Santoro mimicked the exact scenario with a total of four points and Guinn scored on a layup, which she again finished on her knees after being pushed, and put two more in from the line. After a battle under Eagle Valley’s hoop, Guinn took the ball down court on a fast break for another layup to close her team’s deficit to 45-42. Prewitt tied the game with a field goal and going 1-for-2 on free throws with just more than four minutes remaining.

“We needed this,” she said.Kaeli Hosler was responsible for giving the Huskies the lead when she was fouled and converted two from the charity stripe.Eagle Valley’s Alison Colby evened it out, 45-45 with two free throws and Amsden sank another 3-pointer to reclaim the lead with two minutes remaining. Hite put another field goal up and Hosler was fouled on defense and put two more in from the line. Guinn, Prewitt and Hosler tallied the next few points on free throws for the 55-48 win.”Once we were ahead, we really started playing awesome defense,” Hosler said. “We were sick of people telling us, ‘Oh, Battle Mountain, they suck.’ This was about respect for us. We wanted it.”Staff Writer Shauna Farnell can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 610, or

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