Next up for the Broncos? Drew Lock? |

Next up for the Broncos? Drew Lock?

Rhetorical question: Can it get worse?

Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio is apparently waiting for divine inspiration with regard to playing Drew Lock sometime this season.
Adrian Kraus | Associated Press

OK, Broncos fans, we’ve officially reached the desultory remote-throwing and or head-banging-against-your-end-table phase of the season.

All the forecasts have come true — the Broncos are bloody awful with an offense that is worse than bloody awful, as hard as that is to imagine.

Paraphrasing the late, great Dennis Green, “Brandon Allen is who we thought he is,” and we certainly aren’t going to crown him.

So what now? For some reason, Broncos coach Vic Fangio — is he on the hot seat, and, if so, general manager John Elway has no one to blame but himself  — has been reluctant to give quarterback Drew Lock, the team’s second-round pick last season, a look.

Injured in the preseason, Lock needs to be activated by Tuesday or he won’t be able to play this season.

What in the wide, wide world of sports are you waiting for, Vic?

The Broncos (3-8) aren’t officially eliminated from the postseason — multiple blimps could crash into stadia, wiping out most of the AFC — but they’re darn close.

Given Elway’s prodigious ability to draft a quarterback — not — we need to see Lock before the Broncos inevitably draft another quarterback next spring.

Or are we going back to Flacco for another year? (Just wanted to see you spit out your gravy at that thought.)

The rest of the schedule is the Chargers on Sunday (not as imposing as we thought), at the Texans (put Allen back in for that), at the Chiefs (a loss, but not a good defense) and home for the Lions and Raiders. Let’s see what the kid has.


You don’t like my San Francisco-ism, but the 49ers (10-1) are at the Baltimore Ravens (9-2) in the best game of Week 13 on Sunday. Tough hooey.

Both of these teams are contrary in style to their history. The Ravens have a dynamic quarterback and offense, while their defense isn’t a lock-down force of terror. Meanwhile, the Niners do everything well except throw the ball, which is really weird for me. (I need a Jimmy Garappolo shock collar to zap him when he decides the fling a pass for no particular reason.)

Can the Niners’ defense keep containment on Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson? As ferocious as the San Francisco defense is, the team’s one loss this season came with Seattle’s Russell Wilson running at inopportune times.

If I’m Niners coach Kyle Shannahan — and shouldn’t I be? — with tight-end George Kittle back, I’d run the ball and keep Jackson off the field.

To avoid jinxing things, Baltimore beats San Francisco, 21-17.

News and notes

• Today’s Thanksgiving games are turkeys — Bears at Lions; Bills at Cowboys and Saints at Falcons.  And, yes, I’ll watch all three, nonetheless.

• Tom Brady and the New England Patriots’ offense hasn’t looked efficient as of late. Brady is a free agent at the end of the season. People are starting to talk about Father Time catching up with No. 12.

Come on, people. In theory, Brady is mortal, but just don’t fall for it. Don’t bury the Patriots yet.

• It’s Browns at Steelers, The Rematch … After Myles Garrett tried to brain Mason Rudolph with a helmet two weeks ago, many will watch this with bloodlust. Nothing’s going to happen, people, except for bad football.

Freud’s Fives

Top five

  1. Patriots (10-1)
  2. Ravens (9-2)
  3. Seahawks (9-2)
  4. Saints (9-2)
  5. 49ers (10-1)

Bottom five

  1. Bengals (0-11)
  2. Dolphins (2-9)
  3. Redskins (2-9)
  4. Giants (2-9)
  5. Broncos (3-8)

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