No waffling here: VMS wins |

No waffling here: VMS wins

VMGS Bandoni, Mia BH 3-25

EAST VAIL – Nothing like the breakfast of champions to get a soccer team going.Wheaties? Pfft. The ladies of Vail Mountain like their waffles.”The waffles were amazing,” VMS goalie Cely Brinkmann said. “We had regular waffles, but on top, we put chocolate chips, m&m’s and we has strawberries and bananas, and it was amazing.”With a carbo load like that, the visiting Olathe Pirates didn’t stand much of a chance as the Gore Rangers cruised to a 6-1 win Saturday at The Melting Igloo.

Good waffles aside, breakfast served as a good team-building exercise for the young VMS squad.”We’re always talking about technique and we’re always talking about tactics and we do everything we can for our fitness, but our psychology that undergirds all of that is something we are working on,” VMS coach Bob Bandoni said. “And I think that started with breakfast, and it goes all the way to the game.”Walk the line

Olathe’s Kelsey Middleton actually gave Olathe the lead early, but Mia Bandoni countered with her second goal in as many games in the 16th minute. Karlie Moore gave the Gore Rangers the lead for good, and Morgan Irons picked up her first high school goal minutes later, sending VMS into the break with a 3-1 lead.At the half, Bob Bandoni turned his love of music from Beethoven to Johnny Cash. He wanted to see the white chalk of the sidelines on his players’ boots to emphasize the importance of playing the ball outside. No word on whether Joaquin Phoenix will play the Bandon in the made-for-TV movie.In the second half, VMS walked the line much better as midfielders Moore and Lani Bruntz distributed the ball out to the attacking third with fruitful results. Lynnie Somes netted one and Kris Caples added two more as VMS had its best offensive day of the season.”From my point of view, I saw the whole field, and we were so spread out,” Brinkmann said. “We really had a lot of help in the midfield. Karlie and Lani and Kris did an amazing job of being really poised, spreading everybody out and making runs. We played really well.”

Bizarre endingWith the game decided, Olathe’s Tara Morris fell to the field with five minutes remaining with a neck injury. Play was halted while she received medical care. Though happily she was fine, and eventually walked off the field under her own power, by CHSAA rule, the game was completed while Morris was still lying on the field.Had both teams called it a day with five minutes left, VMS and Olathe would have been ruled ineligible for postseason play, according to CHSAA by-law 2,430. Local fans will remember that rule from October 2003, when Battle Mountain coach David Cope pulled his junior varsity team off the field in Glenwood Springs when he felt things were getting out of hand. CHSAA forced Battle Mountain to take “corrective action” in the form of suspending Cope for the ensuing state-seeding game to make the Huskies eligible for the postseason.

So, VMS timidly kicked the ball around in its own end for the final minutes until the whistle at last blew.VMS (2-2-1) is at Coal Ridge Tuesday at 4 p.m.Vail, Colorado

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