Nobody’s going to win, but please wear white |

Nobody’s going to win, but please wear white

Special to the DailyChris Freud Section 21, row 17

Let’s look into the crystal ball for the week’s fabulous Freud predictions on high school sports.Yes, having removed all the egg off my face after last week’s bold, yet ill-fated prognostication that Battle Mountain football would beat Eagle Valley, 35-27, I am undeterred. Palisade will beat Eagle Valley – by a score of 35-27 – with kicker Miguel Holguin missing, oh, about 14 extra points. Along those lines, Battle Mountain has no chance at Steamboat. Huskies head coach Pat Engle should just call in the forfeit now.Battle Mountain volleyball? Definite 0-3 in Region D. Vail Christian spikers? Forget it. In fact, CHSAA just called and stripped the Battle Mountain boys’ cross country team of its state title.Despite the fact that there is no hope for any of the local high school teams this weekend, some news and notes:

n Whiteout time at The Doghouse for Battle Mountain volleyball Saturday. If you’re a Huskies fan and you don’t wear white to Region D play, which begins at 8:30 a.m., Crystin Rodrick will hit a volleyball at you. (Kidding, sort of.) Let’s make it look like basketball season.n Speaking of basketball, our spies (OK, Huskies boys’ basketball coach Philip Tronsrue) tell us that Trent Beckley has walked on to CU’s team and scored a bucket in Thursday’s exhibition against Concordia-Montreal in Boulder. Dr. Phil and the Beckley family apparently were going nuts – and deservedly so – in the stands.n N’ allez pas les Bleus … It’s time to get the Saints to the Coliseum. I liked Molly Brooks saying she wanted the team to go to state for the team’s lone senior, Jackie Parker. But I’ll raise Molly a few. Vail Christian should go to state for all those who have gone before this year’s edition – Nicole Parker, Rachel Glandorf, Brooke Horan-Kates and Kim Graef and so on. Time to put Vail Christian volleyball on the state map.n In honor of Vail Christian principal Tim Wong, I give you another prediction – Stanford will beat Cal with a five-lateral kickoff return next month. (OK, I can’t say that with a straight face.)n Yeah, you don’t like me down in Gypsum after last week’s column. But I fired you guys up, right? That’s got to count for something. Anyway, please knock Palisade in the teeth. I’m still ticked off about Jason Popick and the fifth-year kicker. Go Devils, er, go Bulldogs.

n As for Huskies football, you know that everyone has written you off for tonight’s game at Steamboat. (That’s not a joke.) Nobody thinks you can win. Everyone in the state thinks Steamboat is going to walk away tonight with the Slope title. Wouldn’t it be fun to spoil the party? Go Sailors.n More kudos to Huskies cross country. Just tremendous. Winning a state title by 42 points is silly. (For the sarcasm-impaired, that’s a good thing.) What this program has done is unbelievable. How do you get 75 kids out running 20-30 miles per week before tapering? That’s amazing.n Just as amazing is the performance of the girls’ team. The Huskies/Team United Nations lost eight of their top-10 runners and still finish seventh? This is a big-league program. But what truly makes it great is not just winning, which is fast becoming a tradition. It’s that everyone is included, no matter what the ability level. That’s a testament to coaches Rob Parish and Kelly Witter. (Please note I have not grumbled at Parish for being a Dodger fan for more than a week.)n Moving to other coaches who seem to know what they’re doing, well done to all three soccer teams in the county. Battle Mountain, you went as far as last year’s team, and no one expected you to do that. There was no way the Huskies were going to beat Conifer. (Yeah, I thought Conifer was going to win, but you know the drill at this point.)n Yep, I had the Eagle Valley booters in the cellar at the beginning of this year. This is going to be one scary team in the next few years. Battle Mountain-Eagle Valley soccer for a league title? Now, that would be fun.

n Vail Mountain soccer? My bad. I had you guys in orange. Like their 4A counterparts, this is a team on the rise. No concrete predictions, though, for your own good, except this – the New York Yankees will finish ahead of the Boston Red Sox for the next 100 years. Feel better, Bob Bandoni?n We close with one final prediction – the San Francisco 49ers will not win the Super Bowl this year. I actually feel pretty good about this one. Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 748-2934 or, Colorado

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