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Oh well, there’s always next year

John Spriggs

Editor’s note: John Spriggs of Team Vail, who’s competing in the 2005 U.S. Freeskiing Open, is writing a daily freeskier’s journal for the Vail Daily. The following is a recap of Saturday.VAIL – The day started out sweet. I got to sleep in till 8:50 a.m. Yes, since it was a competition day, I started my day off with the usual, milk and raw eggs. I added one more egg, making it three, since I had an extra big competition day ahead of myself. Since I got on the hill late, I didn’t get much training, only in between heats since I was in the last heat. The pipe looked prime, and cut to perfection. I really have to compliment the park crew for cutting the pipe in to prime shape. I was really excited to get in there and crush McPherson, who spent most of the day calling me “The BIRD MAN” and singing off-tune to some classic songs. Once the heat started, I knew it would be tough to get in there and qualify, with guys like Tufflemire, McPherson, Simms, and a crazy good Frenchman. I went first in my heat, so I had to set the bar high, I did a big flat 5, to straight air, to cork 9, to ally-oop flat 5. I felt really good about my run so I decided to take it a little bigger on my second. In the end I placed third in my heat and qualified for finals. Knowing the competition and the world-class athletes that are going to be out competing tomorrow, YOU WOULD BE STUPID NOT TO COME WATCH! Next on my list was the big air comp. The jump looked so perfect. I was so excited to hit it. First, I decided to scratch the raw eggs and milk and have some Taco Bell before the event. And yes it was scrumptious. Then, I headed up on the hill. After a few training runs I felt comfortable on the jump. My first jump in the big air was a switch 10. I stomped it very cleanly and waited for my score. I was scored quite low (in the 40s), but I was the third to go, so it happens sometimes. Before my second jump, I was really feeling it. I decided to try cab 1260, and landed pretty cleanly. I was really excited and anxiously awaited my score. I was scored a 60.1, which put me in 10th and out of the finals. I guess the judges were not feeling the trick. Oh well, there is always next year. I am planning on throwing a cab 2140 and this time I will be sure to get the grab. Hopefully, with luck, I will place in top-10, but hey, you never know,It is a judged event and all. After that, Dumont, Olson, the Olenicks and I all death trained the jump, which turned out to be really fun since the jump was prime. Congrats to TJ Schiller, Derek Spong, Laurent Favre, Jacob Wester and all the other riders that made the big air so dope. I personally think this was much better than last week’s snowboard event. Thanks to the event coordinators for having such a smoothly run event. Peace, and I’ll see you all next year.Vail, Colorado

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