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Old Boys look new

Ian Cropp
Vail, CO Colorado

Just because they are older doesn’t mean they can’t look good playing rugby.

As the over-40 Vail Old Boys gathered for warmups Saturday morning, a melange of different colored jerseys gave the eyes of spectators plenty to, well, let’s just say enjoy.

It was almost like a photo shoot for the J-Crew catalog. Almost.

Minutes before the Vail squad took to the field, most swapped their jerseys for the Vail ‘A’ side’s sleek and form-fitting uniforms. Well, most attempted the swap.

“See how slim I am in this shirt,” one player yelled, to which another replied, “It’s the light.”

Vail’s Bart Cuomo put one on, then said, “I can’t breath with this thing on.”

Well-known gym rat Mike Monaco (two days last year, according to sources) tried one on, and noted, “It’s like a sausage skin.”

“You look like Hercules in that jersey,” on player said to another, who replied, “I need a pair of scissors to get out.”

Eventually, the Old Boys all found a jersey of one kind or another and took to the field against Boulder.

After Greg Robinette, who tours with Cuomo, scored for the Old Boys and converted on the kick, it was all Boulder.

Matt Robinette scored for the Old Boys to close the gap to 24-12, but Boulder added another quick one and came up on top, 29-12. The Vail Old boys may have lost, but the Robinette’s beat the Cuomo’s. (Brothers Bart and Andrew both played for the Old Boys.)

“There’s an on-going thing between our families,” Greg Robinette said. “My brothers Hillary and Matt and I play with the Cuomo’s on a regular basis. Whichever family scores more points ends up winning and the other family hosts them. Bart has always hosted us. They’ve never beaten us. That’s a tradition.”

Boulder used good movement from its front-row forwards to win ball possession and then run its back-row forwards into the Vail backs. Once Boulder regained ball possession, it spun the ball wide to its backs and took advantage of better numbers.

“It showed the difference of them playing together all the time,” Bart Cuomo said. “They gave us a lesson there in how the move the ball. And I’d say their fitness level was better.”

In the over-50 match, which saw a mostly over-50 roster of Vail Old Boys and a mostly over-50 roster of Colorado Old Boys, Colorado edged Vail, 12-10.

“We lost, 12-10? Counting my two tries?” said Monaco, who didn’t score either of his team’s tries.

Vail’s first score belonged to Dave “Cogs” Shioji, thanks to a hard run and timely pass by Pat “Farmer” MacDonald. Don “Footer” Edrington had the second Vail try. Monaco and John Nichols claimed assists on Edrington’s try, which technically means the other 12 players on the field also collected assists.

“That’s a tough loss,” Monaco said, further explaining, “I got new socks ” they weren’t broken in.”

Already Monaco is hoping to beef up next year’s team.

“I’m going to have to go on the Internet, and start looking for people. I’m going to have to start advertising with the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons).”

Sports Writer Ian Cropp can be reached at 748-2935 or icropp@vaildaily.com.

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