Colorado’s newest ski area Bluebird Backcountry moving locations, adding three times the terrain

John Meyer, Denver Post

Encouraged by the results of a successful two-week trial run last winter to test a new concept in Colorado skiing, owners of the Bluebird Backcountry ski area have decided to move forward this winter with a full season at a new location with better snow and three times the terrain.

Touted as Colorado’s newest ski area, albeit one without lifts, Bluebird will be located near the foot of the east side of Rabbit Ears Pass. It is geared for people who want to try backcountry skiing in a non-threatening, user-friendly environment where they can rent gear, take lessons and practice what they have learned. Bluebird is owned by co-founders Jeff Woodward and Erik Lambert.

“We love backcountry skiing,” Woodward said. “It’s just such an amazing sport because you get really good skiing, you get to explore, you have really great times with your friends, and we want to share that. We like sharing the things that we love. That’s some of what drives the passion behind it.”

Backcountry skiing isn’t that hard to learn, but it usually requires having an experienced friend or family member to introduce the basics.

“You learn from a friend, and if you don’t have a friend who is willing to take you backcountry skiing, there’s no way,” Woodward said. “Or, you buy $1,000 worth of gear, pay $500 to take a four-day avalanche class, and only then decide whether you like the sport or not. We thought by providing a place where you can go for a day, rent backcountry skis and take a lesson, people will be able to get a sense of whether they like it or not. Hopefully they have a great time and keep doing the sport.”

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