Panoptx: Sweet shades for goggle-haters |

Panoptx: Sweet shades for goggle-haters

Alex Miller
The Panoptx Dash frame looks cool and provides excellent sun and wind protection for skiers.

Gear Check By Alex MillerDaily Staff Writer

It may seem on the surface that motorcyclists may not have much to say to skiers. But when it comes to eyeware, guys who tool down the road at 60 or 80 m.p.h. know a thing or two about eye protection.For skiers who don’t like to wear goggles expect on particularly gray or stormy days the Panoptx sunglasses that have found a following among the Harley set are making inroads on the slopes as well. Founded by a facial surgeon who thought there had to be a better option than goggles, Panoptx has a full line of sunglasses targeted for specific activities cycling, skiing, fishing, etc.The difference is the glasses come with extra, um, stuff around the inside of the frame to keep wind out. I tried a pair of the “Dash” shades, as well as the “Diablo” and found them both to be nice alternatives to bulky goggles for most days on the hill.The Dash frames look pretty much like a regular pair of sunglasses, except with an extra bit of foam liner on the inside. Even at high speeds, this extra bit of protection and close fitting frames had an obvious, beneficial effect, with no eye-watering or drying whatsoever. The pair I tried also had the “Colortec” gray lens, which I found to work well in bright sun to late-afternoon shade. The lens is designed to enhance primary colors and contrast, which makes them better than most goggles in flat light conditions.

The lens is available in a polarized version as well.Skiers or riders looking for even more protection contact lens wearers come to mind might want to check out Panoptx’s eye-cup style frames, such as the Diablo. These are bulkier, somewhat less stylish shades with a removable eye cup that completely surrounds the eye. If you’re not a fan of goggles but need more protection than a wrap-style pair of sunglasses, these could be the ticket.Even with their extra features, Panoptx shades are not overly pricey. Most styles fall in the $75-$150 bracket not cheap, but well worth it for the quality and benefits.In addition to its sport line of frames, Panoptx has also just come out with some more fashionable ones that should be available soon. For more info, check out the website at

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