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Putts a plenty for Devils and Huskies

Ian Cropp

CRAIG – On paper, Yampa Valley Golf Course looks like it could produce some low scores.But golf isn’t played on paper. It’s played on the greens.”We didn’t do as well as I had expected,” said Battle Mountain coach Cassie Desmone.Eagle Valley also didn’t perform up to its expectation.”I was hoping to get one or two in 70s, but we had three guys in the 80s,” said Eagle Valley coach Glen Ewing.Jamison Bair led the Devils with an 84, while fellow freshman Bryan Brennan placed second on the team with an 88. Ethan Smith, who for the past few tournaments has posted the top score for the Devils, stayed in the 80s with an 89. Zach Coe recovered from a rough front nine, and shot a 42 on the back, for a total 18-hole score of 93.For the Huskies, Zach Dominico brought in the top score of 82, followed by Derek Rush who had an 83. Other scores include Mason Cullen, 94, Clark Simmons, 95, and Barrett Chow, 98. Simmons shaved 11 strokes off his score from Wednesday.Green GoblinBoth teams accumulated a lot of shots on the greens.”We had been putting pretty well with about 33 puts (per round) and below, but not today,” Ewing said. “The greens there are not flat. There are a lot of undulations and elevation changes. “Bair had 35 putts, while Brennan had 36, and Smith had 39. The size of the greens also plagued the golfers.”Some of the greens are small,” Brennan said. “It wasn’t necessarily club selection (that hurt us), it was more a hook or fade that made the ball veer off the green.”Desmone said the Huskies drove the ball well, and had some nice iron shots, but suffered in their short game.”They were hitting the greens in regulation, but the slopes of the greens were so tricky and weren’t breaking like the kids thought they would that they took a lot of three-putts.” Along with the difficult slope of the greens, the high number of putts can also be attributed to pin placement.”The pins were in the toughest spots on the greens,” said Desmone.A few double, triple, and quadruple bogies inflated scores for the Huskies.”My players weren’t playing bad, but they had a few bad holes that ruined their scores,” Desmone said. “Mason had a 12 on one hole because of a lost ball and an out of bounds. They were unfortunate mistakes.”Replay”If we practice this course again, we’ll do much better,” Desmone said. “I saw a lot of good shots come out of them. They know and I know they can do much better.”While the scores foe Eagle Valley were not what Ewing and the team had hoped for, they are happy to get a feel for the regionals course. Ewing plans on having his team play another round at Yampa Valley.”We will be working on the greens,” said Ewing. “Getting to know the greens will definitely help us.” There will be plenty of other tee times before regionals as both teams will play three tournaments next week. This may cut down on key practice time for some of the players.”That is an issue – we wish we had more practice time, but that’s the disadvantage to having such a compact season.” Desmone said.Battle Mountain will shuffle the lineup next week, resting some players each day in preparation for its home tournament on Wednesday at Eagle-Vail.Adjustments With little time left in the season, the golfers are assessing what they can do to bring their scores into the 70s.”I think our whole team needs to improve hitting more greens in regulation,” said Bair. “For a lot of the tournaments, not many people have hit greens, so we’ll be mostly working on hitting greens and chipping, so we can get up and down.”The Huskies hope to work on connecting with their clubs.”I am going to try and have Zachary Ray, the head pro at Eagle-Vail, walk with the guys for a few holes,” Desmone said. “We need mental preparation because I think they aren’t feeling real confident with their clubs. We can drive the heck out of the ball one day, and then not hit anything the next day.”Sports writer Ian Cropp can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 608 or via icropp@vaildaily.com.Vail, Colorado

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