Questions loom as high school sports kick into gear |

Questions loom as high school sports kick into gear

Chris Freud

OK, so Geno Smith is out for 6-10 weeks after he got socked by a teammate.

First observation: That is so Jetsian, if that is an adjective.

Second observation: As we start the preps season, nobody is allowed to do that. I don’t think we need to worry about it, but just for the record, no one punch your quarterback, midfielder, setter, etc.

As the golfers — don’t punch them either — get going and everyone else reports on Monday, some questions on the local high school scene.

Eagle Valley football

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The word “era” is overused in sports. I just looked up the Denver Broncos on Wikipedia. We apparently are in the Gary Kubiak Era. Next week will make it all of eight months of the Kubiak Era.

John Ramunno’s tenure as head coach of Devils football was an actual era (1981-2014). Enter Tom LaFramboise as the new head man after Ramunno announced his retirement this spring.

So what’s the offense going to be?

I was never a big fan of people sniping on the double-wing because it works. On the other hand, it’s a new regime and the new coach certainly has a right to put in his system.

Battle Mountain football

Welcome to new coach Cliff Lohrey. Now, are you going to stay?

Yes, that sounds snarky, but everyone in the Battle Mountain football community is asking that question. Huskies football desperately needs someone to stick around.

As I start my 19th year here, Lohrey’s my ninth football coach in Eagle-Vail or Edwards. Only three have gone four years — Scott Wiedeman, Pat Engle and David Joyce.

As for the team on the field, can the Huskies, playing in a 2A league, beat a 3A squad?

Vail Christian football

Holy graduation, Batman. How do you fill the shoes of Sug Ellsworth, Mike Lange, Clayton Davis and Max Schramm? That’s a lot of talent, but the Saints seem to be able to reload. After all, the team was done for after quarterback Austin Ellsworth graduated a few years ago.

There is talent in the pipeline. We’ll see if Vail Christian can make it three in a row in the storied Central League.

Battle Mountain soccer

Boy, last year wasn’t good. The Huskies went 9-6-1 and made the state playoffs, an off year just about every other team would love to have.

Will the Huskies pay attention to the small details that caused those costly lapses last season? Who’s going to step up and be “The Guy” offensively or does Battle Mountain have several guys? Is Jack Skidmore healthy?

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives, aka Huskies soccer.

Eagle Valley soccer

This is fun. The Devils are just as intriguing as their Edwards rivals. Last year was a breakthrough with wins against Steamboat Springs and Battle Mountain. The win over the latter broke a 15-year streak of futility against the Huskies.

Can Eagle Valley soccer keep building?

Coach Bratzo Horruitiner has been doing a good job setting in the foundation, but the players have to take ownership. If they do, then Summit County, Battle Mountain and Steamboat will have company in the playoff hunt.

Vail Mountain School soccer

Perhaps lost in the shadow of VMS girls soccer’s run to a state title was the fact that the boys had a very good season as well, advancing to the Elite Eight.

Like Saints football, some key players are off at college, but VMS soccer has huge numbers for a school of its size.

Is the pipeline in place?

Also, will coach Pete Petrovski be rocking those orange pants again?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Will Huskies coach Rob Parish giggle when reporting in times? Yes.

OK, with that established, Battle Mountain cross-country always has high expectations going into a season. Can the Huskies girls make it a five-peat?

Downvalley, the Devils have quietly been establishing themselves. Will they be able to send two teams to state?


The 2013 Battle Mountain volleyball squad was the team that was meant to make state. Instead, last year’s Huskies did it. Meanwhile, no one knew what to expect out of Eagle Valley after last summer’s trauma. All the Devils did was win the Slope, nipping the Huskies for the crown.

Do we get a repeat of the scenario, where the local 4A squads fight it out for the top spot? I hope so.

At 2A, Vail Christian won the first Gore League title. Is a repeat in the cards?


Are you better than the sports editor? I really hope so, though I’ve broke 100 a few times this summer.

Here’s a fun question — who is Barrett Jones? The kid transferred to Eagle Valley and has got some serious game. It’s early, but you might want to remember that name.

Also, where is the 3A state tournament this fall? Answer — Eagle Ranch. Yep, Vail Christian is the official host, so the Saints and VMS golfers who qualify will have a leg up on the competition as far as course knowledge goes. Should be fun.

Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 970-748-2934, and @cfreud.

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