Results for 12th night of Christmas in Vail |

Results for 12th night of Christmas in Vail

Daily Staff Report
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL ” There were no 12 lords a leaping, but initial fears that after affects from the Pro Series Kick-Off party at Golden Peak Sunday and the Monday’s cold temperatures might affect turnout proved unfounded as more than 30 instructors of all ages and disciplines showed up to basically have some fun on a perfectly smooth slope with only some annoying plastic gates to get in the way.

Adam Beaulieu set a rhythmic and turny course for this first giant slalom which kept speeds reasonable (a speed gun showed a maximum of 36 mph) and finishing rate high. Racers had the chance to do two runs on the course if they chose ” and made the last chair at 4:30 p.m. with the fastest time counting to the overall Pro Series individual and pod points.

Dee Byrne, our Ski School director added an official presence, took notes on some occasional ugly downstems ” to be passed on to the training department ” but overall seemed impressed by the quality of turns exhibited.

Highlights of the first race included the arrival of many new faces, who added extra interest and uncertainty to the competition. The old face (not literally) of Gunnar Moberg posted the fastest time after working out where the finishing line was ” having missed it on his first run with much credit to his coach for pointing out the need to ski under the banner, through the red stripe and light beam, a tactic easy to overlook on first inspection.

Not sure if it’s a highlight but Ace McKee managed to prove first that vision is not an overrated sense, and second, that primate evolution knew what It was doing when it placed two forward-looking eyes to provide binocular vision in the direction you are traveling. While skiing/skidding the whole course backwards twice is an impressive achievement, his times suffered compared to those who chose to look where they were going. He did win the most extreme outfit award sporting a spiked Ravinos jacket that looked painful to fall on.

The Pro-Series continues next Monday with the Zanzibar Revolution Day Slalom following the race clinic that day. Jeff Koch promises on hill commentary, a sound system and tunes to match the course setter’s rhythm – musical suggestions welcome.

First run

Juan Santa Maria 28.27

Brian Blackstock 28.47

Alan Braunholtz 28.77

Chris Caruso 28.88

Christian Peraldo 29.71

Loris Cornacumione 29.75

Oskar Funche 29.82

Cait Boyd 30.07

James Mitchell 30.37

Moa Svensson 30.48

Valerie Muspratt 30.83

Randy Gray 30.89

Todd Peterson 31.08

Hans Oberlor 31.15

Slavina Rindone 31.75

Ivan Lopez 32.31

Gerad Winter 32.67

Margot Kaminski 33.46

Madeline Slavin 37.08

Max Rowe 38.3

Dan Kizewski 38.49

Cole Dissinger 42.9

Jeremy Erber 43.66

Ryan Johnson 47.5

Anne Dowd 49.24

Ace McKee 49.28

Second run

Gunnar Moberg 27.8

Brian Blackstock 27.92

Loris Cornacumione 28.8

Christian Peraldo 29.21

Oskar Funche 29.33

Eric Prouty 30.01

Cait Boyd 30.04

Randy Gray 30.48

Moa Svensson 30.49

James Mitchell 30.55

Todd Peterson 30.93

Swaz 31.6

Trent Ruder 31.66

Charlie Clark 32.96

Ivan Lopez 33.14

Gerad Winter 34.32

Margot Kaminski 34.38

Vlad Pryankhin 34.48

Dan Kizewski 36.21

Marian Krogh 39.1

Jeremy Erber 40.19

Cole Dissinger 41.14

Ace McKee 49.19

Anne Dowd 50.94

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