Results from Monday’s Dunk-N-Dash in Avon |

Results from Monday’s Dunk-N-Dash in Avon

Daily staff report

Women’s one lap

Kristina Zoller 34:55:00

Amie Bervy 41:42:00

Carole Jordan 46:19:00

Jaclyn Kosakawski 46:27:00

Michelle Lyman 47:10:00

Stephanie Timmons 49:19:00

Michael Neimeyer 34:38:00

Men’s one lap

Martin Durec 43:24:00

Nickolas Devalk 55:38:00

Women’s two laps

Kelly Casber 50:55:00

Kerry White 53:52:00

Sharon O’Grady 55:18:00

Erin Hoban 56:52:00

Men’s two plaps

Brad Zoller 36:19:00

Josiah Middaugh 37:20:00

Stephen White 47:08:00

Mike Stepanek 54:45:00

Travis Stover 58:54:00

Mitch Sturdivant 59:24:00

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