Rey, Castillo lift Huskies over Steamboat |

Rey, Castillo lift Huskies over Steamboat

That’s 9-0

The Man of the Match for Tuesday’s Battle Mountain-Steamboat soccer game was Brooke Rey.

You know Brooke, everyone. She’s the trainer at Battle Mountain who is an American hero for working with all the student-athletes to put them back together after they’re injured.

Her latest project was Louis Castillo who scored two goals during the first half of Tuesday’s 6-1 win at Steamboat Springs.

The Battle Mountain midfielder sprained his ankle before the season and was originally meant to miss the entire campaign. In came Rey. She had a brighter prognosis for Castillo, worked with him and the Huskies have essentially acquired an ace midfielder for the stretch drive and playoffs.

“We’ve got to give Brooke Rey a shoutout,” Huskies coach David Cope said. “She and Louis have been diligent and detailed in therapy. This was the first game he started and he scored two goals in 23 minutes. It’s another step forward.”

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Castillo got going early on a helper from Alex Meza in the fifth minute. Bryant Ramirez to Kevin Chavez made it 2-0. After a Castillo P.K., it was Chavez to Ramirez twice and Miles Jarnot finishing the scoring.

Battle Mountain did — gasp — allow an own goal late, only the second of the season. The Huskies take pride in their goose-egg collection, but better now than in the playoffs.

We’re not kidding. In the 2015 quarterfinals, Battle Mountain defender Miles Joersz accidentally scored on Huskies goalie Jack Skidmore, as part of a nightmarish loss. It happens to the best because Joersz led the Huskies to the 2016 title game.

The 9-0 Huskies host Eagle Valley for Senior Night on Thursday.

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