Richards: Take this time to get back to what matters most, your health and your life |

Richards: Take this time to get back to what matters most, your health and your life

Ryan Richard
Make It Count

There are two types of people in the world: Folks who will indulge and continue to drive the massive increases in alcohol and food sales in recent days (and promote alcoholism, obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and mental health disorders); or, people who won’t.

Listen, now is not the time to let your guard down and get lazy. Sure, life has come to a screeching halt. It is time to let go of what you cannot control, and attack the obstacles in life that you can. There are three immediate conditions you have control over: what you put into your mouth, your daily exercise and how you choose to handle your life during this uncertain time.

For the love of everything worth living for, stop smoking, and lose some (or a lot of) weight. Is anybody else worried about these two enormous risk factors facing our country as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic?  Despite our great health in Eagle County, you know who you are, and it’s time to get this done. At the risk of creating a religious war discussing diet options, I’ll plead the fifth on how to go about trimming the fat.

Regardless of your path of execution, hear this: Go to war with yourself and execute as fast as possible. Fat loss is an all out assault and requires an iron will and strict adherence to the plan. I recommend dedicating 6-8 weeks to aggressively pursue this. When else in history have you been able to skip parties, avoid lunch meetings and miss taco Tuesday at Agave? This is the greatest opportunity you’ll ever get to lose weight, so give it everything you’ve got.

Even though stay at home orders are in full effect, and gym access isn’t possible, do what you can. Browse any social networking platform and you’ll be inundated with in-home workout ideas. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @r2fitnesspersonality, or at, for insight on how to perform more at home, without equipment. Social distancing aside, our mountain landscape offers many great opportunities to get outside and exercise, responsibly. You have time to get into the greatest shape of your life, an amazing opportunity that won’t likely happen again. Keep going, or start right now.

We’re all in this together. How we individually respond to this crisis varies on our coping skills, life history, general disposition and other factors too broad for discussion. Please do the following: Choose faith over fear; hope, don’t despair; happiness, for sadness is temporary; joy, because misery is too burdensome. It’s a rough time for all, and a heavy dose of grace will go a long way for those who need it the most. Despite what you might think, your circumstances aren’t unique, and how you respond is completely up to you. This thing will be over soon. Take this precious time that you will never get back to make it count where it matters most — to your health and to your life. Be well, my friends.

Ryan Richards is a fitness professional who has been keeping the Vail Valley strong for over a decade. You can find him at or 970-401-0720.

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