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Riders hit Lost Lake and further challenges

But was it found?

Matt Marshall competes in the men's masters 40+ division of Wednesday's Lost Lake Loop in Vail.
Kelly Getchonis | Special to the Daily

VAIL — Lost Lake isn’t lost because the Vail Recreation District Westin Athletic Club Mountain Biking Series has a race there every year.

But do racers ever find Lost Lake?

“On this course, in particular, you have to be focused because it’s so technical,” women’s pro racer Gretchen Reeves said. “If you’re just not watching the whole time, there are rocks and roots. It’s my favorite kind of riding. I dig it. But you definitely have to keep your eye on the trail.”

Bobby L’Heureux and the rest of the field at the Lost Lake Loop tackle a stiff climb up to Lost Lake and, once up there, a technical course with rocks and tree roots on Wednesday. (Kelly Getchonis | Special to the Daily)
Kelly Getchonis | Special to the Daily

And that means that racers aren’t looking at Lost Lake, south of Red Sandstone, which means it technically can still be lost. It’s sort of that tree falling in the forest and whether it makes a sound.

Yes, that’s too deep for the Tour de Wednesday.

Eco-Challenge bound

Like a lot of pro racers in the series, Reeves uses the Wednesday races to warm up for bigger things. She’s teaming up with Mike Kloser, Josiah Middaugh and Gordon Townsend, of New Zealand, for the 2019 Eco-Challenge.

Yes, folks, it’s back after a 17-year hiatus, in September in Fiji. Reeves is understandably pumped about it.

As for Wednesday’s race, Reeves felt she “popped” during the climb of to Lost Lake.

“I feel like I got a little bit lightheaded,” she said. “I went a little hard. So I just relaxed and tried to flow it. It was good. It went well.”

Reeves and Marlee Dixon are competing for the season-long title in the division. The good news is that Dixon doesn’t plan to go all Tonya Harding on Reeves.

Keely Hendricks competes in the women’s beginner category on Wednesday during the Lost Lake Loop in Vail. (Kelly Getchonis | Special to the Daily) 

“That doesn’t get you anywhere,” Dixon joked.

Wednesday’s Lost Lake Loop was pushed back two weeks because the late-season snow needed a little more time to melt.

“It’s really technical. It was pretty loose, and that made it more difficult,” Dixon said. “It’s a great course and one of my favorite because of technicality and the downhills. It was worth pushing it back.”

He’s done

Yes, the series continues with the Berry Creek Bash on Aug. 14 and Beaver Creek Blast, but Weston Sawtelle celebrated his final race of the season.

The beginner said the Camp Hale Hup was his favorite race of the year because “there’s not as much uphill. I’m kind of big for those climbs.”

Implicit is that Davos Dash was his least favorite race of the year because who really likes 3-plus miles straight uphill?

Sawtelle does have a good excuse for ending his racing season.

“I’m done. I’ve got surgery next week, my right ACL,” he said.

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