Rockies manager Tracy argues calls, acknowledges umps’ tough job |

Rockies manager Tracy argues calls, acknowledges umps’ tough job

Jim Armstrong
The Denver Post

Rockies manager Jim Tracy did more running than his players Monday.

Tracy jogged on the field twice in the first inning to argue calls, and again in the top of the third. By the time he returned to the dugout, the Rockies’ normally mild-mannered manager had confronted all three base umpires – Angel Hernandez at first, Tim Timmons at second and crew chief Gerry Davis at third.

Nothing unusual there in a division series at times overshadowed by questionable calls. Tracy had popped out of the dugout in the ninth inning of Sunday night’s Game 3 of the Phillies-Rockies series to challenge a call by first-base ump Ron Kulpa. Tracy’s contention was that Todd Helton had kept his foot on the bag on a throw that would have made Chase Utley the second out of the inning.

Replays showed Helton had gotten his right foot on the bag. But little did Tracy know that home-plate umpire Jerry Meals had missed a call too. Utley hit a chopper at the plate, and the ball bounced off his right knee while he was in the batter’s box, which should have resulted in a foul ball.

Meals acknowledged as much after the game, but it did the Rockies no good by then. After Utley was ruled safe at first, Ryan Howard followed with a game-winning sacrifice fly. If Utley had become the second out of the inning, Tracy would have walked Howard, one of the game’s most feared power hitters, and pitched to Jayson Werth.

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