Rockies tackle fantasy football |

Rockies tackle fantasy football

Jim Armstrong
The Denver Post

Troy Tulowitzki is the heartbeat of the Rockies’ organization. Todd Helton, meanwhile, is the elder statesman, the savvy veteran the young players try to emulate. So whose locker serves as the social epicenter of the clubhouse?

Neither of the above.

Josh Fogg’s corner of the clubhouse has emerged as the place to see and be seen. That’s Josh Fogg, spot starter, middle reliever, mopup man and commissioner of the Rockies’ fantasy football league.

Bud Selig makes $18 million a year. Fogg? He gets paid in catcalls and complaints.

“I don’t know if it was fortunate or unfortunate when I started the league,” Fogg said. “It can be fun at times, and I can take a lot of crap for it too. In the end, it all ends up coming down on me. Guys ask me, ‘Why is my team so bad?’ I’m like, ‘Because you drafted wrong?’ “

Ah, draft day. It has become an unofficial national holiday in a country in which 20 million people, give or take, are virtual NFL general managers. The Rockies’ players may have more fame and fortune than the common, everyday people sitting in the stands, but when it comes to fantasy football, they’re just like everyone else.

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