Rockies’ Tracy relishes another chance to manage talented team |

Rockies’ Tracy relishes another chance to manage talented team

Troy E. Renck
The Denver Post

Jim Tracy isn’t the first person to be spurned by Hollywood. But unlike “American Idol” castoffs and poor actors, Tracy has a legitimate complaint, a gripe that is quietly fueling the 54-year-old manager.

As he packed his truck and belongings for the drive from snow-covered Pittsburgh to sun-splashed Tucson this week, Tracy discussed several topics about his Rockies club, including personal motivation traced to his 2005 season with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“We had a 93-game winner in 2004. I was really looking forward to coming back with a similar nucleus. We were young and athletic, just like the team I have now,” Tracy said. “I walked in the clubhouse that first day of spring training and was shaking hands with three-quarters of the guys because they were all new.”

Only 18 of the 43 players who appeared in games in 2004 played for the Dodgers a year later. Tracy understandably felt jilted. Six years later, he gets the chance he never had – guiding a nearly carbon-copy playoff team into the following season with championship expectations.

“I am on hard on them, and they know that. They have worked very hard to establish their identity, and we have to work even harder to maintain it,” Tracy said. “From talking to the players this winter, this is a very determined group.”

Tracy is almost unhealthy in his preparedness, so nothing should catch the Rockies off guard.

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