Saints Homecoming spotlight: Cathy Alexander |

Saints Homecoming spotlight: Cathy Alexander

Preston Utley/Vail Daily Christian Volleyball coach Cathy Alexander

Welcome to Vail Christian Homecoming week. We started last year’s coverage with then-football coach Bob Isbell. So, why not this year start with the first lady of Saints volleyball, Cathy Alexander? She’s helped take the Saints from obscurity to being a legitimate league contender in just three years. For more on the coach, read on:Birthday: Dec. 5Husband: Charlie – “The No. 1 fan of Vail Christian volleyball.”Daughters: Kylie, 10 and Taylor, 6What do you like about volleyball?: “I like all aspects of volleyball. Volleyball is a very mentally challenging sport, but can be as physical as basketball, depending on how hard you hit the ball. My favorite part of volleyball when I was playing was defense. I was a defensive specialist. I love it. It’s challenging. I’m a competitor. I don’t like to lose.”What’s it like to coach?: “Coaching, I love working with the kids. One, it keeps me young. Two, it’s challenging. You have to figure out what makes them tick and how each kid is different.”

Best moment as a coach: “I would have to say last year when we qualified for regionals. That was one of the funnest and happiest moments I’ve had, seeing girls work very hard and fulfill the goal they had accomplished.”What’s the goal for the season?: “The No. 1 goal for the girls is to keep God as the center of their focus. And, No. 2 would be to go to regionals again. They would like to go all the way to state, but I told them one thing at a time.”College: Baylor, played volleyball there.Like to watch sports?: Football, college basketball, tennis and track – “I’m a competitive person. My poor kids, when I play Sorry with them, I don’t like to lose. I send them home all the time. Charlie’s like, ‘Honey, it’s just a game.'”Favorite teams: Broncos, University of Texas basketballFavorite athletes: Maria Sharapova and Michael JohnsonFavorite movie: Remember the Titans

Favorite movie star: John WayneFavorite TV show: ER – “We also watch a lot of Sponge Bob in my house.”Favorite TV star: John Wayne – “I watch him on Saturdays on TNT.”Mac or PC: PCFavorite Web site: Expedia.comFavorite food: Mexican – “I like the blue corn enchiladas at Fiesta’s.”Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper

Favorite ice cream: CoffeeWhere would you go on a powder day?: “Would it be bad if I said I don’t ski powder days? Charlie could take my powder day and go.”Where would you like to travel?: Northern Australia.If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?: A willow treeIf you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do?: “I’d like to make people see that all that they want is not all that they need.”Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 614 or Vail Colorado

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