Saints spotlight – Josh Sibley |

Saints spotlight – Josh Sibley

Ian Cropp
Daily file photoJosh SibleyVail Chirstian football

Josh Sibley is pumped up for the Homecoming game this Saturday, as well as the dance. The senior isn’t 100-percent sure what he’s doing next year, but he knows what will happen on the field this year. He hopes the next time his picture is in the paper, he will be making the tackle. We’ll do our best to make that happen if you hold up your end, Josh. For more on him, read on:Born: VailBirthday: Nov. 9, 1987Siblings: Rachel, 15Parents: Jack and CynthiaPosition: Tight end and quarterback

Why are you excited for Homecoming? “Because we get to beat the snot out of DeBeque”Date for Homecoming: Nicole Parker, his girlfriendWhat do you like about football?: “Catching touchdown passes and knocking people on their butt.”Most embarrassing moment in football: “Missed tackle that made the front page of the paper.”What do you like about your coach Tim Pierson?: “He’s a young, energetic guy, and loves football.”Favorite subject: “Government with Mr. Pat Phelan.”Best paper you ever wrote: “An essay on post-modern economics.”Plans for next year: “College in the Pacific Northwest.”

Life goal: “Make a lot of money.”Favorite sports teams: Broncos and AvalancheFavorite athlete: John LynchFavorite movie: Night at the RoxburyFavorite book: Farewell to ArmsFavorite Broadway musical: CatsWhat do you do in your free time?: “Hang out with my friends and play video games.”Favorite word: Bodacious

Least favorite word: SchoolWhere is your happy place?: “On top of Beaver Creek Mountain, on the park run.”Favorite food: PastaFavorite country other than the U.S.: AustraliaIf you could have one superpower, what would it be?: “I’d be like the Green Lantern and have a pretty cool ring.”If you could be one animal, what would it be?: “A Tiger. But a Liger would be pretty cool, too.”Sports Writer Ian Cropp can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 608, or, Colorado

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