School’s out for summer and the writer rejoices |

School’s out for summer and the writer rejoices

Chris Freud

And who is just as excited about the final day of school as students and teachers?

Sports writers, people.

Chris Freud is out like a flip phone — even though I here those might be making a comeback. (Seriously, I’m just learning how to use my iPhone 5S, which I’ve had for a few years. Please don’t make me learn a whole new phone.)

Oh, the juice to cover high school sports will be back in August, but for now, Freud is hitting golf courses in Colorado and South Carolina.

As we depart, we have the all-league lists for all spring sports and fleeting memories for 2015-’16.


• Eagle Valley football throws a forward pass: With the caveat that former John Ramunno is a fantastic coach and I remain an advocate of the ground game in high school football, it was just downright weird to see the Devils throw the ball this year. Think about it — the pistol offense in Gypsum.

It happened. Despite a major coaching transition the Devils went 7-3 and made the playoffs.

• Battle Mountain goalie Jack Skidmore converts a penalty kick in a playoff game against Valor Christian. Never saw that coming.

• Vail Mountain’s Eric Zdechlick scores a golden goal in the playoffs. OK, it really wasn’t a shot, but what the heck — great moment.

• The Eagle Ranch Golf club kicks the snot out of the best 3A golfers in the state. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has troubles.

• Future questions: How does Eagle Valley football do against a monster nonconference schedule? How far does VMS boys soccer go? What does Vail Christian volleyball look like with a new coach? (Cheers to all Alexanders.) What do the Saints look like in 11-man football?


• Dr. Phil Tronsrue returns to the sidelines for Battle Mountain basketball and it just feels right. The Huskies win AT Glenwood Springs. (My response when Phil reported that score is not printable, but was suitably appreciative.)

• Eagle Valley boys hoops is turning it around under coach Chris Walls. There are close loses and that’s OK — this year.

• Despite protestations to the contrary, Vail Christian boys basketball is young — very young. The tykes win the Gore League anyway.

• Vail Christian girls basketball wins the most games in its program’s history.

• Local wrestling puts four guys on the podium at state.

• State skiing explodes and the Huskies boys end up repeating as state champions.

• Future questions: Can the Devils boys basketball team build on its rebound season? They’re returning everybody. When does Jesse Raitt return from her latest ACL injury (argh!)? Are the Battle Mountain boys hoopsters going to sneak up on some people this winter? What does Vail Christian’s Sophomore Six do as juniors?


• Battle Mountain girls lacrosse, VMS boys lacrosse and Vail Christian soccer all make the playoffs for the first time. There is much rejoicing.

• Vail Christian’s Taylor Alexander and Cooper Daniels win state titles in pole vault. No one is surprised.

• Eagle Valley soccer is coached by Maggie Sherman. Freud sprouts more gray hairs.

• Battle Mountain soccer makes the playoffs again. After the season, Huskies coach David Cope talks to each of his seniors. We can only imagine what that talk was like.

• We’re pretty sure VMS soccer had a decent year.

• Future questions: Do we see the rise of Battle Mountain boys lacrosse again? What do the Huskies girls laxers do without goalie Siena Miller? How’s VMS soccer going to do at 3A?

We’ll have the answer to these questions and more next year, but Freud out.

(Insert a mic drop here.)

Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 970-748-2934, and @cfreud.

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