Series wraps with Beaver Creek Blast |

Series wraps with Beaver Creek Blast

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BEAVER CREEK ” It didn’t go by that fast, did it?

Asthe last race of the Vail-Beaver Creek Mountain Biking Series and held on and around the soon-to-be ski slopes, Wednesday’s Beaver Creek Blast was a reminder that even on a warm summer night, the snow is coming.

Though a ski instructor come winter Women’s Vet Expert rider Terry Stimac isn’t quite ready for the white stuff.

“It’s actually kind of depressing. The summer is so short,” she said. “I’m a big skier, but I appreciate the summer just as much as the winters as a local. It’s sad to see it go.”

“It’s unbelievable,” said Mike Kloser between bites of pasta and salad. “I couldn’t believe after last week’s Lost Lake Loop that there was just one race left. It seems like the summer goes by quicker every year. It’s a shame. Summers are so gorgeous here. It’s scary.”

To some, maybe.

“I can’t wait. Skiing’s my real sport,” Men’s Sport winner Jason White said. ” I was thinking on some of the cross-slopes. I was looking down because I’ve never really skied Beaver Creek before. I was like, ‘Oh wow, that looks like a nice run. I’d like to get over here and try that.'”

The sun rises in the East

In a development as surprising as oncoming winter in Eagle County, Jay Henry made it 6-for-6 for the series by winning the Men’s Pro-Elite in 1 hour, 19 minutes and 2 seconds.

While not surprising given the way the season has gone for Henry, including a record-breaking performance in June at the Davos Dash, 6-for-6 is quite an accomplishment.

“Jay’s had a phenomenal year, not just locally, but nationally,” Kloser said. “Most of his races have been regional. I know of just one race where he hasn’t finished first or second to my knowledge. He’s had his best year every on the bike.”

For the record, that race to which Kloser alluded was when Henry was ill with a bad stomach. In the meantime, Kloser should be pretty psyched about Henry’s riding as he, Henry, Josiah Middaugh and Michael Tobin are headed to China in two weeks for the Wulong Mountain Quest adventure race.

Bouncing back

For Women’s Beginner winner Annemarie Wall, Wednesday’s race was a nice rebound from a messy accident in last month’s Vail Grind. On July 11, she wiped out, and in her words, “sort of ripped my lip off.”

After physically healing, she showed she was mentally able to come back from a spill with a one-lap time of 37 minutes, 41 seconds for a win.

“Right after it happened, I was ready to get back on my bike,” she said. “It was just a matter of healing. It’s always in the back of your mind. You just try to go forward with it and have fun with it.”

Up and down

The Beaver Creek Blast had its traditional route starting at the base of Centennial, over to Lost Buck to Village to Village Trail and up to Red Tail before coming back down the east side of the mountain.

“I’ve ridden the course enough ahead of time to know where it is,” Stimac said. “The first lap is always is super-hard. The second lap, adrenaline takes over. The climb was tough.”

While Lost Buck and the climb to Red Tail usually separate the riders, everyone got a break from the rainfall early in the week.

“The course was probably as good as it ever has been,” Kloser said. “If it rains the night before on a course in the Vail Valley, it usually improves the course. The terrain just gets really fast and really grippy, fun to ride on.”

While the uphill of the Beaver Creek Blast is considered the difficult part of the race, it’s essential to keep powering through the downhill, said Junior winner Cristhian Ravelo.

“The first climb was pretty hard, but the whole thing was pretty much a sprint, just an up-and-down sprint. It’s a relief having sprinted the whole way up. You’re just so happy to finish and be going down. I just try to finish as fast as I can.”


While the Vail-Beaver Creek Mountain Biking Series is done, few who gathered at the Coyote Cafe for the post-race party were ready to put their two-wheelers away for the season.

Stimac said she’s ready to pedal up Monarch Pass next week. Wall will continue to hit the trails at both Vail and Beaver Creek and wants to head to Moab, Utah, later this year.

“It’s the end of the racing series,” she said. “But it’s not the end of mountain biking season, not until the first snow falls.”

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Wednesday’s division Winners

Men’s Pro: Jay Henry

Women’s Pro: Gretchen Reeves

Women’s Expert: Toni Axelrod

Men’s Expert: Paul Gorbald

Men’s Vet Expert: Adam Plummer

Women’s Vet Expert: Robyn Ritsch

Men’s Vet Sport: Mike Bradley

Men’s Masters: Philippe Courtois

Men’s Sport: Jason White

Women’s Sport: Elna Persson

Men’s Beginner: Peter Brown

Women’s Beginner: Annnemarie Wall

Men’s Singlespeed: Mike Skellion

Junior: Cristhian Ravelo

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