Shreeve earns second-team honors in 3A Slope |

Shreeve earns second-team honors in 3A Slope

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Eagle Valley girls basketball coach Mike Vidakovich was a little miffed when the all-league basketball selections were announced this week.

“It’s voted on by all the other coaches in the league, with the rule that you don’t get to vote for your own players,” Vidakovich said Wednesday night. “I thought Kenzie (Shreeve) would be on the all-conference team, and I really expected that Trista (Sandoval) would be there also. Unfortunately, my colleagues didn’t see it that way.”

Shreeve, the Devils’ 6-foot-1 junior center, was selected to the second team of the 3A Slope, even though her numbers were worthy of first-team consideration. She closed out the season averaging 11.5 points a game to go along with 10.2 rebounds, and was usually good for at least a block or two every night.

“To state the obvious, she was our leading scorer and also our leading rebounder,” Vidakovich said. “But, I think what a lot of what people don’t realize is that during the course of the year, she changed a lot of shots inside. She did get some blocks, but more importantly, any time any other teams guards got inside she was there to help out and make sure they didn’t get the shot they wanted.”

Sandoval, who was one of only two Devils seniors, also had solid numbers, averaging 8.3 points per game and 5.9 rebounds. Her most important contribution to the team, though, was her leadership ability as both point guard and captain – something that doesn’t always translate when postseason votes are tallied.

“I thought she should have been an all-conference player,” said Vidakovich about Sandoval being chosen for an honorable mention. “She didn’t have any really high point games. She was just always consistent. She was an excellent defensive player, too. She was our leader. I think she was captain of the team in every sense of the word. I’m going to miss her.”

The last two all-league picks for Eagle Valley were honorable mentions given to junior guard Alex Amsden and sophomore guard Amanda Padilla.

“With Alex, I thought, especially the last two to three weeks of the season, she really developed the mentality of a good point guard,” Vidakovich said. “She really got good at attacking the basket. She would also pop an outside shot every now and again. I think she’ll be a really good one next year.

“Amanda is just a steady player. She was our starter the entire year. She never missed a single game. She’s going to be even better next year, because she’s another kid like Alex who will continue to work real hard in the offseason.”

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