Ski & Snowboard Club Vail Announces Character, Courage and Commitment (3C) December 2022 Award Recipients |

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail Announces Character, Courage and Commitment (3C) December 2022 Award Recipients

Nordic skier Will Bentley and Alpine coach Miha Kurner receive honors

Miha Kurner joined the SSCV staff this year as a U14 Alpine ski coach. Prior to that, he was coaching older Alpine ski athletes at SSCV.
SSCV/Courtesy photo

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) announced their Character, Courage and Commitment (3C) December 2022 Athlete Award winner Will Bentley and their 3C December 2022 Staff Award winner Miha Kurner. Both SSCV athlete and staff recipients have demonstrated the highest level commitment to SSCV’s Core Values — Character, Courage, and Commitment (the 3C’s) — during their time on and off the snow.

The 3Cs are key character traits SSCV staff aim to emulate and impart on their athletes in all that they do. SSCV coaches work with athletes to develop the skills required for each athlete to reach their full on-snow potential, cultivating the character traits needed for each athlete to work hard and push themselves beyond their comfort zone — necessary tools for performing their very best both on and off snow. 

A total of 10 SSCV 3C Awards — five SSCV athlete awards and five SSCV staff awards — will be given out this season, with one SSCV athlete winner and one SSCV staff winner for each month from December through April. The Walter Kirch Character, Courage and Commitment season winner will be selected from among the five SSCV 3C athlete monthly award winners and awarded at SSCV’s year-end awards banquet. Anyone can nominate any SSCV athlete or any SSCV staff member for the respective 3C award.

3C December 2022 Athlete Award recipient: Will Bentley

Will Bentley is a second-year U16 athlete in the SSCV Nordic program. Below is his nomination text:

The Nordic Program is proud to nominate Will Bentley for the December 3C award. Will’s competition season is off to a fantastic start. As a second-year U16, he has twice raced up as a U18 this season to get experience at the 10k distance. In West Yellowstone he finished as the top U18 and the third-place junior. He was bested by just two U20 college skiers.

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At the Sun Valley SuperTour, he won the junior mass start as a second-year U16, topping both the U18 and U20 fields. On the sprint day, he qualified into the top-30 overall, making senior rounds, the only U16 to do so and one of three U18 skiers in the senior race. You get the point — he’s had an amazing start to the season. Most importantly, these results are due to the effort that he has put in and difficulties that he has overcome. While impressive, these results are simply not that important compared to what we ask for in the members of our programs outside of competition and if the story was only the podiums, it wouldn’t be getting told.

To give Will’s results more context, it’s important to understand some of the adversity he has faced in the last three years, above and beyond the trials our community has endured through the pandemic. In March 2019, Will suffered a severe concussion that ended his season prematurely. In 2020, he tore a tendon in his knee and broke his patella, ending his season prematurely. In December 2021, he broke his leg, three days before leaving to compete at Senior National Championships — season over.

In July 2022 he suffered a severe high-ankle sprain that eliminated any lower body training for six weeks, one of the most important times for nordic training. The positive on that one was it gave them a chance to go in and take out the rod from the broken leg…you are starting to get the picture. The kid plays hard. The only option is to go all in and give his best, and it has positives and negatives.

In addition to these season-ending injuries, he has a list of other sprains, strains, foot injuries, hurt shoulders from mountain bike crashes etc, etc.

What impresses me is that he keeps coming back, as well as what he does when he is “injured”. He’s still as hungry as ever. When one injury or another has eliminated or limited one mode of training, he simply does the other modes that he is cleared to do at the time, whether it is treadmill work, double pole-only rollerskiing, ski erg, road biking. It’s often alone and not always exciting, but allows him to keep striving towards his goals while he rehabs. He is a terrific example of character, courage and commitment and the Nordic Program is proud to nominate him.

Will Bentley is a second-year U16 athlete in the SSCV Nordic program.
SSCV/Courtesy photo

3C December 2022 Staff Award recipient: Miha Kurner

Miha Kurner has joined the SSCV staff this year as a U14 Alpine ski coach and prior to that was coaching older Alpine athletes at SSCV. Below is his nomination text:

Coach Miha is a serious ski racer and race coach, but he is also approachable and kind. He naturally connects with each of his skiers and their parents. Above all, he is empathetic and cares about each of his athletes in a holistic way. And when he receives a compliment, he is humble and shares the praise.

3C December 2022 Staff Award and 3C December 2022 Athlete nominees

3C December 2022 Athlete Award nominees

Julian Arthur/Spencer Peterson
Eva Croney-Ferraiuoli
Yannai Dagan
Boden Graybill
Peter Kan
Nash Lucas
Leila Martinez (two nominations)

3C December 2022 Staff Award nominees

Lucas Hafer
Courtney Kenefick
Alex Shorter (two nominations)
Charley Stocker
Andy Weber
Rob Worrell

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