Ski & Snowboard Club Vail athletes excel during USASA National Championships |

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail athletes excel during USASA National Championships

Twenty-nine Ski & Snowboard Club Vail athletes earned a coveted invitation to the United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association National Championships for skiers held at Copper Mountain last weekend.

Athletes convened from around the country to compete in halfpipe, slopestyle, skiercross and a rail jam in their respective age classes, with some athletes electing to compete in the highly competitive open age class division.

The following Ski & Snowboard Club Vail skiers qualified for USASA National Championships: Pearson Black, Dylan Boyes, Kai Brown, Michael Brown, Aaron Ford Chaussignand, Felix Coudouy, Lachlan Crick, Ari Diamond-Topelson, Adam Eisenhauer, Jack Ganley, Noah Gionfriddo, Gavin Goike, Owen Grimmer, Henry Heaydon, Cooper Huggins, Whit Hyde, Erik Jaerbyn, Izak Little, Halsey Lucas, Aaron Milligan, Sammy Schuiling, Ava Surridge, Roxy Surridge, Rory Swimm, Sloane Thompson, Sydney Thompson, Reagan Wallis, Brynn Wedlake and Ryan Wedlake.

Podium and top-10 finishes

Club athletes earned seven podium performances with Schuiling winning a silver medal in halfpipe in the highly competitive open class for the boys. Brynn Wedlake took silver in halfpipe for skier girls ages 13-15, Ava Surridge took bronze in slopestyle for skier girls ages 10-12, Henry Heaydon took gold in skiercross for skier boys ages 13-15 and Roxy Surridge won three gold medals for skier girls age nine and younger in halfpipe, slopestyle and the rail jam.

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail athletes walked away from these national championships with twenty-six top ten finishes listed below, including the above seven podium finishes.

Slopestyle open skier boys

6 Schuiling

9 Milligan

Halfpipe open skier boys

2 Schuiling

5 Coudouy

Halfpipe skier boys (ages 13-15)

8 Reagan Wallis

Halfpipe skier boys (ages 10-12)

9 Crick

Halfpipe skier boys (9 and younger)

7 Goike

Skiercross skier boys (ages 16-18)

5 Lucas

Skiercross skier boys (ages 13-15)

1 Heaydon

6 Little

10 Black

Skiercross skier boys (9 and younger)

4 Huggins

Slopestyle skier girls (ages 13-15)

6 Brynn Wedlake

Slopestyle skier girls (ages 10-12)

3 Ava Surridge

Slopestyle skier girls (9 and younger)

1 Roxy Surridge

4 Sloane Thompson

6 Sydney Thompson

Halfpipe skier girls (ages 13-15)

2 Brynn Wedlake

Halfpipe skier girls (ages 10-12)

5 Ava Surridge

Halfpipe skier girls (9 and younger)

1 Roxy Surridge

5 Sloane Thompson

6 Sydney Thompson

Rail jam skier girls (ages 10-13)

6 Ava Surridge

Rail jam skier girls (9 and younger)

1 Roxy Surridge

4 Sloane Thompson

8 Sydney Thompson


In the top ten overalls, Wallis captured second place for skier boys ages 13-15, with Gionfriddo taking fourth, Jaerbyn taking eighth and Eisenhauer taking 10th place for skier boys ages 10-12. On the girl’s side, Ava Surridge took fourth place overall for skier girls ages 10-12.

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail freeski coach Bob Sonntag said, “Over the three competition days at USASA Freeski Nationals, we had several podiums, and a few top-10 finishes. I was also incredibly impressed by the personal bests that every one of our athletes put forth. Our athletes put down tricks they had never before performed in slopestyle, achieved amplitude beyond anything they had practiced in halfpipe, and showed grit and determination of heroic proportions in skiercross.”

Invitations to Unites States Ski Team Gold Camp

Based on results at either USASA National Championships, United States Ski and Snowboard Association Junior Olympics or the Revolution Tour, athletes were invited to participate in the United States Ski Team Gold Camp, a camp geared to helping develop the next group of talent in the sport. Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s Ava Surridge and Brynn Wedlake were invited to this camp based on their performance at USASA National Championships, and Coudouy, Milligan and Schuiling earned their spots at the camp based on their results at the Revolution Tour.

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