Skieologians: A couple of last minute gift ideas for the outdoor lover on your list |

Skieologians: A couple of last minute gift ideas for the outdoor lover on your list

For those of us who wait until the last minute

The 100% merino wool sweater from Delaine & Co. will keep you warm in the morning, dry in the spring afternoon and stylish — no matter where you are.
Delaine & Co./courtesy photo

When you’re 7 years old, the time between Black Friday and Dec. 25 is a lot like those ads on Spotify — it feels way longer than 30-seconds — or days, in this case. Then, somewhere between marriage and kids, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day slips by faster than Aleksander Aamodt Kilde at Beaver Creek.

Fear not, all thee present-less and panic-stricken procrastinators. This study guide is for acing the outdoor lovers on your last-minute list, just like your 11th-grader — who spent finals week watching the World Cup — did with his comparative government test.

Camelbak Zoid Hydration PackFor: anyone — (but particularly the person hoping to break away from the pack because they didn’t stop at aid 1 for a drink.)

The smallest snowpack you can find at Christy Sports — Bridge Street, Avon, Beaver Creek, Lionshead and West Vail locations all carry it — has a sleek design perfect for those adventures that force you to travel light. It’s lift-friendly, and if you enjoy long cross-country skis or fat-bike rides, you’ll appreciate how the drinking tube zips into an insulated sleeve in the shoulder strap to protect your water supply from the cold.

The Camelbak zoid hydration pack can keep your water from freezing over next time you race the Birkie or spend all day shredding powder.
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Women’s Krimson Klover Apres Anyone base layer topFor: the person on your list that you really, really don’t want to mess up on (guys, we’re looking at you).

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This uber-comfortable, ultra-cute and totally pragmatic item from Krimson Klover is so stylish, it’s hard to believe it’s just a base layer — a word I will forever attach to those striped polypropylene long-sleeves my parents use to wear running through blizzards back in Fargo, North Dakota. This is so not that. Sorry Fargo.

If you’re worried about messing up on the one person on your list you really can’t mess up on, reach for the Krimson Klover ‘apres anyone base layer top.’
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Delaine & Co. Merino wool ski sweater: For the person on your list who will always be cooler than you and there’s just nothing you can do about it.

Any product with choices like “Downhill Red” and “Midnight Blue” — both hot-sellers this holiday season, so I’ve been told — has the attention of a guy whose moniker is “seder-skier.”

“The raglan sleeve construction offers greater freedom of movement, and the bold classic styling commands attention,” Delaine & Co. founder Scott MacKenzie said of his 100% merino wool sweaters. “This is my daily driver mid-layer under a shell or insulated jacket. For spring skiing, it comes out in all its glory.”

Delaine & Co. was started by Scott MacKenzie as a way to bring back the style and functionality of the old-school merino wool ski sweaters he grew up wearing in the 70s and 80s.
Delaine & Co./courtesy photo

“We hope that every Delaine customer will have a good time with their friends and family on the slopes, and feel handsome, attractive, and athletic when they put our sweater on,” MacKenzie said. “Have fun out there.”

Even though they’re perfect for “that person” perpetually cooler than you, my wife has told her woefully fashion-senseless husband that even he looks pretty good in his Delaine.

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