Snapshots of 2006-07 |

Snapshots of 2006-07

Chris Freud

Happy summer, everyone

Reporters look forward to summer just as much as the students and teachers do.

Don’t worry, we’ll be rearing to go when two-a-days start in August, but right now, pardon me for saying, “Happy summer.” Despite our desire to get out on the links, a look back a few moments of the high school season.

Please do not take this for an encyclopedic recap of the year, but just some small snapshots of moments in time:

– I did not do anything to diminish my reputation as “The Great Satan” at Eagle Valley after predicting the that Huskies football would beat the Devils, 35-27, and saying that the boys from Hot Stuff had problems with their kicking game. After the game which Eagle Valley won, 35-16, the first thing Devils head coach John Ramunno said to me was “Thirty-five points and a freshman goes 5-for-5 on extra points.” Nice to know John reads the paper.

– State volleyball … The easy memory would be Nicole Penwill slamming down the final point for the Huskies’ state championship. But what was really cool was standing on the floor of the Denver Coliseum and seeing CHSAA staff put the signs up on the scoreboard. To see the “Vail Christian” placard go up near Court 1 still gives me a chill. It was thrilling covering the Huskies, while noticing that my right eye was always wondering across the way to see how the Saints were doing.

– The Sheer Jubilation Award is a tie this year. We split it between Vail Christian boys basketball coach Sheldon Kuhns after the Saints beat DeBeque and Battle Mountain’s Rob Parish reporting times from either cross country or track and field. Those two are probably still talking on my voice mail.

– Speaking of cross country, I just heard about this on the phone because I was in San Francisco at the time for my mom’s birthday, but Battle Mountain parents shoveling the snow off the course before the regional meet? Priceless.

– Let us not forget Patrick Beaudine returning the sidelines for Saints girls basketball. My enduring memory of St. Clare this season is Katie Russ canning a 3-pointer from Cordillera, helping the Saints past Ouray.

– I have never been so miserably cold, but so happy at the time, than at Glenwood Springs when Battle Mountain boys soccer three-peated. That day was so miserable, and so gratifying. In fact, soccer coach David Cope was very animated that day. For those who have watched him in the past, that’s pretty mind-boggling.

– Cope’s most interesting move was juggling around his goalies early in the season. Kelsey Sanders in the net. Interesting. More interesting was the way the team played all year.

– Moving to a more animated soccer coach Vail Mountain’s Bob Bandoni. I forget which game this was, but an opposing player took what Bandoni thought was a dive in the box, and earned a penalty kick. Bandoni yells at the ref, “Why don’t you play the Italian national anthem while he takes the kick?” The Prince of Paonia (please, no A-Train jokes) later is rendered speechless when the school’s soccer pitch is named Bandoni Alumni Field.

– OK, I was miserably cold again at the state skiing championships. Everybody was. Full-sized adults wearing everything they own, myself included, were hanging onto the fence at the Vail Athletic Field for dear life. Gusting does not do justice to what the wind was doing that day. I am still amazed that those Nordic athletes competed.

– Before the Battle Mountain-Moffat County football game, I say to Huskies football coach Pat Engle, “I hope you do well tomorrow.” He replies curtly, “We will do well,” with a stare that borders on the psychotic. Battle Mountain 14, Moffat 6, and the world spins off its axis.

– Battle Mountain hockey crushes Kent Denver, 5-1. This is satisfying in itself. What makes this one memorable is that a Battle Mountain administrator asks me why the Huskies are playing much better that night, not knowing that Kent and Battle Mountain have a bit of a history.

– I didn’t see the state track meet, staying up here to cover all the schools from the Front Range. All I needed to hear was interviewing Ashley Rohweder after she won the state title in the 300-meter hurdles. You could her in her voice that she was just starting to realize that she was the best in the state.

– Not everything was peachy in the world of preps. Several local teams struggled. But with those struggles come the shining moments that make a season ” Eagle Valley girls’ soccer’s win against Rifle and Battle Mountain baseball finally winning for the first time since 2004. That’s why they play, why we watch and why we can’t wait until August.

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