Snow Scoot is turning heads on Copper Mountain |

Snow Scoot is turning heads on Copper Mountain

Ryan Slabaugh

COPPER MOUNTAIN –When snowboarding became mainstream, a void was left in the ski industry. Skate skis and other gimmicky products failed to fill the “freakishly new” aspect of riding on snow that, for so long, snowboarding had dominated.

Now, Isaac Hutchins is attempting to fill that void. All week, Hutchins has been riding the Snow Scoot, a mixture of snowboarding and BMX bike riding that has taken off in Europe. Hutchins had been riding with the owners of Snow Scoot Distribution Inc. in Vermont, when they suggested he move to Colorado and become a salesman.

It hasn’t taken long to drum up interest. Matt Mazzaccaro, manager of rentals at the Mountain Adventure Center at Copper Mountain, has one on display and is planning on making them available to rent later this winter.

“Our guys in the snowboard school have been riding it and have loved it,” Mazzaccaro said. “I rode it. It was fun. But I wouldn’t replace the skis or snowboard I ride on every day.”

Hutchins is attempting to have the Snow Scoot allowed at other area mountains and, barring any set backs, will take a Colorado tour this winter to promote the new product.

“I want to keep getting opinions,” said Hutchins, who’s skilled enough to ride rails with the Snow Scoot. “Every time a liftie sees it, they want to go out and try it.”

The bike has two boards, one behind the other. The handlebar is attached to the front board and can spin 360 degrees. The back board is anchored to the boot platform, with a toe-strap that keeps your feet in place and a cable that keeps the rider from losing the Snow Scoot in powder.

“The first rule is to never let go of the handlebar,” Hutchins said. “It will keep the whole product in front of you.”

Once available for rent, the Snow Scoot will be available at Mountain Sports Outlet for $19.99 for a half day or $29.99 for a full day. Mazzaccaro also offers skat skis, ski bikes and snow skates.

For more information, visit or call Hutchins at (802) 249-0554.

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