Snowell wins again |

Snowell wins again

Nate Peterson

VAIL – The members of Team Snowell shared a final round of beers in solitude Wednesday night at Art’s Bar in Vail.The smiling, toasting Snowell outfit in the near-empty bar represented a metaphorical scene at the last Vail Town Race Series postrace party of the year. For the seventh straight year, the team was crowned champion in both the VTRS and the Beaver Creek Resort Race Series.On Monday, it was a three-and-a-half-point final margin over Coyote Cafe – 186-182.5 – that locked up the Beaver Creek title.On Wednesday, Snowell finished 17 points ahead of the JL Viele/Mill Creek Team for a convincing win in this year’s VTRS. So, it was fitting that the last team standing in both series was also the last team drinking. Or, fitting in the sense that none of the other teams wanted to stick around to watch as Franz Fuchsberger and team captain, Markus Galehr, reveled in the seven-peat with their Snowell teammates.”For us, it’s a bragging right,” Fuchsberger said. “We’re serious about ski racing. We love to win and once you’re on top of it, you don’t ever want to go back. Every year, everyone wants to dethrone the bad boys of Snowell.”Fuchsberger, 46, was also drinking in celebration of an individual title in the men’s overall in the VTRS. The talkative local finished with 51 points, beating out David Viele who had 42. Snowell’s Jon Meckem was third with 40 points. In the women’s overall, Kidsport’s Kristen Dockery walked away with the title with 73 points. Jen Wolk of JL Viele/Mill Creek was second with 35 and Snowell’s Laura Scripture and Apollo Park’s Julie Littman tied for third with 27.Snowell’s comeback wins in both series were similar to last year’s title runs. In the Beaver Creek series, Coyote Cafe took the early lead, while in the VTRS, JL Viele/Mill Creek led from the get-go.Both teams succumbed to the strength of Snowell for different reasons. For JL Viele/Mill Creek, an absent racer in the third race cost them any shot at the title.”Our fiercest competitors, they pretty much conceded,” Fuchsberger said. “It’s a team situation for the whole season. The third race, somehow there was an internal team mistake. They had one guy missing for whatever reason and it killed them.”In the Beaver Creek series, Fuchsberger said consistency was the key in beating out Coyote Cafe. “What won us the Beaver Creek championship, was not that we were necessarily better skiers, but we’re a more committed team,” he said. “For us, from the beginning of the season, there was no doubt in our minds. We know that everybody is after us, but every year we go back to the drawing board and then do what we need to do. We knew guys would get carried away with an early lead.””You’ve got to have a team that’s committed from each individual,” Galehr added. “It’s something other teams have a problem with. We don’t. When our racers say they’re going to be there, they’re there.” Grimaldi Real Estate finished third in the Beaver Creek series.Staff Writer Nate Peterson can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 608, or via e-mail at, Colorado

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