So which high school football teams are happy? |

So which high school football teams are happy?

Chris Freud

Wow, Battle Mountain football and Battle Mountain soccer are both at .500.

Which team is happy about it?

We’ll just use that to transition into football talk, shall we?

Freud makes a pop-culture reference

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Eagle Valley football gets this week’s Bachman-Turner Overdrive Award for taking care of business against Battle Mountain, 35-13. County supremacy is retained. The seniors on the Devils team were freshmen when Battle Mountain thumped Eagle Valley last. This is a point of pride for the gents to win the rivalry game as seniors.

Again, offensive and defensive line pushing other people around and we’ve got diversified scoring, albeit against a team that’s not as strong as Vista Peak. (In fairness, you can only play those on your schedule.)

Speaking of which, Eagle Valley gets its first road game at Basalt on Friday. I can shine you on about Basalt, but you kids have the Internets. The Longhorns are 0-2 and don’t look too good on paper.

That is not the point, Eagle Valley. You need to approach every opponent as if it were Rifle, which would be a good idea since you play the Bears next week. If Eagle Valley has notions of competing against the likes of Rifle, Palisade, Delta and Glenwood Springs, you dispatch teams like Basalt quickly.

Better, but …

For Battle Mountain football, a good showing against Eagle Valley. In a direct contrast to the past two years, you actually looked like you belonged on the field with the Devils. The Huskies scored twice against the Devils’ first-teamers. That’s progress.

Now, gents, how do you go forward?

Humbly is the answer.

Yes, you’re off to a better start than the past two years. Yes, you’re playing better than you did for the past two years. However, there was plenty of room for improvement.

You think that’s me taking a shot. It also happens to be the truth. (OK, it’s a little of column A, and a little of column B.)

You are not good enough to walk out onto the field on Friday night against Steamboat thinking you’re going to win. In fact, every team on your schedule from here on out thinks you’re a cupcake game. Every week, you have to work harder. Every week, you’ve got to get better.

Here endeth the lesson.

Did you see that score?

Welcome home, Vail Christian football. The Saints take on Nederland on Friday at Hot Stuff. Here’s something that’ll catch your attention.

Nederland beat West Grand, 42-6, last week. Last year you guys beat the Mustangs, 16-12, in a nip-and-tuck struggle. In fact, that was the first time you beat West Grand. Get ready, lads.

Inside moment of journalism

Here’s a peek behind the curtain. What happens when a coach calls in from a road game? Usually, I get the score, some stats, lob a few questions and write it.

So Vail Mountain volleyball played at North Park on Saturday. Gore Rangers coach Mike Garvey calls in, and his first word is, “Cowboys.”

Mine is naturally, “Niners.”

We eventually get to the details of volleyball, but, most importantly, read it and weep, Mike.

San Francisco 28, Dallas 17.

’Twas ever such.

Back to normal

Eagle Valley soccer beat Glenwood Springs, who beat Battle Mountain, who beat Delta who beat Glenwood. Meanwhile, Steamboat Springs and Summit County drew, 2-2, on Tuesday. In other words, it’s just another normal year in the 4A Slope.

People, the past two years in which Battle Mountain ran away with the league with a combined record of 23-1 (Summit County last year) were aberrations.

Battle Mountain certainly got taken down a peg last week with losses at Glenwood and home to The Classical Academy.

My take? The Huskies thought they were a little better than they actually were after wins over Palisade and Delta by a combined score of 15-0. It happens. TCA is definitely a better team than Battle Mountain as we saw on Friday. Goalie Jack Skidmore kept that thing from getting ugly.

As for the Glenwood loss, feh. You guys will get hem at your place. (Seriously, Battle Mountain and Glenwood have been going back and forth for ages. It’s a rivalry and sometimes the other team wins.)

The bigger question is how does a program like Battle Mountain deal with a rare bit of adversity? The fact that this is the Huskies’ first two-game losing streak since 2008 is an amazing stat, a testament to how good the team has been.

High expectations are fine. A program like Battle Mountain soccer, given its success, should have big goals. Not getting caught up in the hype is another matter.

The hype is gone now, but the same cannot be said of the season. What are you guys going to be this year?

Battle Mountain gets to start with Eagle Valley tonight at 6 p.m. Or does Eagle Valley start with Battle Mountain? Battle Mountain, Steamboat Springs and Summit County remain the favorites in the Slope, but …

Steamboat’s 3-0-1 in league, but not exactly mopping the floor with the opposition. Battle Mountain is more vulnerable than in years past. And don’t forget that Eagle Valley got a big tie with Summit last year.

Is this the year Eagle Valley returns to the upper half of the Slope?

See you at all the games this weekend.

Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 970-748-2934, and @cfreud.

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