Something’s happening. What it is ain’t exactly clear |

Something’s happening. What it is ain’t exactly clear

Chris Freud

Lindsey Vonn crashed in training.

Now, if Vonn crashed in training with Tiger Woods teeing up a 2-iron stinger at her, then we’d have some serious news. (Or maybe, if Vonn, while skiing, is dodging Tiger’s shots, is she training for tech events?)

Ski Racing Magazine, which originally reported the crash at Copper Mountain on Tuesday, said that she was going to have an MRI on “the injured knee.” (Which knee? The knee she may have injured Tuesday or the knee that blew up in Schladming, Austria, at Worlds last winter? If you’re wondering, the knee previously injured was her right.)

The U.S. Ski Team’s site says that, “she was not admitted to the hospital but was undergoing further evaluation, as is typical after a crash.”

John Meyer, of The Denver Post, reported that through Vonn’s publicist that Dr. William Sterett was evaluating Vonn here after the crash.

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Tom Kelly, who is the U.S. Ski Team’s spokesman, told the Associated Press, “We have no reason to believe it’s anything significant right now.”

Favorite headline of the day? “Tiger Woods’ girlfriend Lindsey Vonn has knee examined after skiing accident.”

Really? (That peach came from

So, what do we know?

• She crashed.

• Vonn was brought down in a sled, and then walked off with the aid of coaches.

• Vonn met with Dr. William Sterett.

• The Internet also really doesn’t like the fact that she is dating Tiger Woods.

What can we infer?

• Crashes happen. They can look ugly or innocent. Vonn’s been fine after some spectacular ones (See Torino, Italy, Olympics, 2006) and not so fine (Schladming).

• The brought-down-in-a-sled part is causing a lot of speculation. That may or may not mean anything. I suspect if Vonn stubbed her toe, they’d bring her down in a sled. Let’s face it — she’s the face of American skiing. They’re being careful.

• It’s probably good to meet with Dr. Sterett.

• I love golf. I love ski racing. I don’t care. Stop it now. Seriously, does anyone know if Ted Ligety is dating anyone? Does anyone care? (No, because Ted Ligety is not a smoking-hot woman. Now, there’s some insight. Actually, that would be my point.)

What’s the rumor mill?

• Vonn came back too early and she got hurt: Maybe. Maybe not. She has Sterett, one of the best orthopaedic doctors in the world working on her. Vonn could have overruled him when it came to her return, but we’re really out on a limb here.

Of course, there are different rules for Vonn because, well, she’s Lindsey Vonn. But she’s not Bode Miller-like when it comes to flagrant disregard for the U.S. Ski Team and any other figure of authority.

She’s a unique physical and mental specimen. That is a fact. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be at 59 career World Cup wins, 17 globes, two Worlds golds and Olympic downhill gold. She could very well have been ready to go.

• Which knee is it?: This would be a key question. We don’t know. Ski Racing Magazine, again the media outlet which broke the story, is unclear. Did she re-do her right knee, the one that was injured? (Possible.) Did she crash on her reconstructed right knee and it held? (Possible.) Did she hurt her left knee, which has nothing to do with her injury last winter? (Possible.)

Let’s wait until we find out which knee, people.

• What does Tom Kelly’s quote mean? He said, “We have no reason to believe it’s anything significant right now.” Of course, Kelly is with the U.S. Ski Team, and it’s his job to spin. We’ll stipulate that.

Kelly, on the other hand, is usually a pretty straight shooter. I’d file that quote away. Just a gut feeling.

• Vonn is a bit of a drama queen: Please don’t write me nasty emails. She’s totally allowed to be, as far as I’m concerned. Remember just before the 2010 Winter Olympics? She had the shin injury and talked about how she might not be able to compete. She won gold in the downhill and bronze in the super-G.

• Tuesday’s crash was karma for dating Tiger Woods: AAAAAIIIIEEEE! Please kill me now.

What’s the verdict?

It’s total conjecture, combined with having covered some ski racing: My bet is that she crashed on the previously injured right knee, got a scare, got the knee checked out with the doc, and will be racing at Birds of Prey next week.

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