Spotlight on Robbie Brgoch |

Spotlight on Robbie Brgoch

Ryan Slabuagh

Name: Robbie Brgoch

Year: Junior

Sport: Football/track

Position: Tailback/pole vault, 400-meter relay

What’s your favorite sports moment? “Going to state for the pole vault and for the 400-meter relay last year. Also, having the first winning season in the program’s history has been pretty big as well.”

You have a winning season for the first time in the program’s history. What does this mean to you? “Since we’re such a new program (four years old), it’s hard to get off to a good start. We obviously didn’t. But just by watching the growth we’ve had in the last five years, we’ll be unstoppable some day. This first winning season has been the best.”

What’s something else you want to accomplish this year? “Finish strong is always good.”

Has there been a secret to the success? “The upperclassmen’s leadership. That’s something we consider to be our strength. It pushes the other younger guys to work hard.”

What’s it like playing under Coach Isbell? “It’s awesome. He definitely knows what he’s doing.”

What does the Homecoming game mean, especially now you know some jealous alumni will be in the crowd? “It’ll be good to see some of the older players. They had the same passion we have, but they didn’t get to have a winning season. They’ll get to be a part of this.”

Favorite subject: Lunch

Parents: Lynn and John

Siblings: Jason Brgoch, 24

Birthday: Aug. 17

Favorite flavor of gum? Wintergreen

Favorite band? One Minute Silence

Favorite book? Snow in August

TV show? “I don’t watch television.”

Favorite athlete: Jerry Rice “He’s an old man.”

What do you like on your sandwich? Lots of meat

Nickname: None. “People just call me Robbie.”

If you lived on an island, what three things would you bring?

1) Drum set

2) Water

3) Pictures of Britney Spears … “Lots of them.”

What are you going to be for Halloween? “I kind of want to be Mr. T. I’m definitely going to go trick or treating.”

If you had a million dollars you had to spend, how would you? “I’d take care of my education.”

Complete these phrases:

I never: “I never say never.”

I always: “I always brush my teeth for over three minutes. Yes. That’s a good one.”

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