SSCV Impresses in slaloms and giant slaloms at the Stifel Success NorAm Series Competition |

SSCV Impresses in slaloms and giant slaloms at the Stifel Success NorAm Series Competition

SSCV athletes claim eight top-10 positions across the four days of competition at Copper Mountain

Allie Resnick takes first at the Stifel Success NorAM Series competition at Copper Mountain on Dec. 2.
SSCV/Courtesy photo

This past week, FIS Alpine athletes headed to Copper Mountain for the Stifel Success NorAM Series Competition. Ski & Snowboard Club Vail’s current and former athletes performed well in slalom and giant slalom events, taking home two overall podiums, three junior podiums (year of birth 2002-2006 athletes) and eight top-10 positions across the four days of competition.

The event took place Nov. 30-Dec. 3 at Copper Mountain. It consisted of giant slalom on the first two days of competition, with slalom on the last two. SSCV had multiple current and former FIS athletes place in the top 10, including Allie Resnick with a slalom win, Kjersti Moritz (2004) with a bronze and Liv Moritz (2004) with a fifth-place overall. SSCV also had three junior podiums, including Ava Jemison snagging third on Nov. 30, Kjersti Moritz taking second on Dec. 1 and Liv Moritz grabbing second on Dec. 3.

Kjersti Moritz was third overall in the giant slalom at last weekend’s NorAm.
SSCV/Courtesy photo

Another stand out performance came from SSCV current athlete Tianna Bruce on Dec. 3. Bruce started bib 84 and finished in 24th place to score her first-ever NorAm Cup points. This was Tianna’s first race series after breaking her tibia roughly one year ago.

“Our current and former athletes definitely showed up this past week at the NorAM competition at Copper,” said Brad Wall, SSCV Alpine program director.

“I am incredibly proud of our younger athletes, Kjersti and Liv Moritz, for their incredible placements, specifically against these older athletes. For many of our athletes it was their first look at NorAm competition, for some it was an eye opener as to what that level of skiing looks like,” he continued.

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“Overall, it was a great competition for SSCV!”

Below are the overall podium and overall top-10 SSCV placements across the four days of competition:

Nov. 30 – Giant slalom

  • 1- Britt Richardson
  • 2 – Cassidy Gray
  • 3 – AJ Hurt
  • 6 – Ava Sunshine – SSCV
  • 7 – Kjersti Moritz – SSCV
  • 9 – Allie Resnick – SSCV

Dec. 1 – Giant slalom

  • 1 – Britt Richardson
  • 2 – Sara Rask
  • 3 – Kjersti Moritz – SSCV
  • 6 – Allie Resnick – SSCV

Dec. 2 – Slalom

  • 1 – Allie Resnick – SSCV
  • 2- Zoe Zimmermann
  • 3 – Kiki Alexander

Dec. 3 – Slalom

  • 1 – Kiki Alexander
  • 2 – Sara Rask
  • 3 – Zoe Zimmermann
  • 4 – Allie Resnick – SSCV
  • 5 – Liv Moritz – SSCV
  • 24 – Tianna Bruce – SSCV

For a full list of results, head to

Liv Moritz finished second in the Dec. 3 junior slalom and was fifth overall.
SSCV/Courtesy photo

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