Starting to get serious: Huskies soccer wins at Glenwood, 6-1 |

Starting to get serious: Huskies soccer wins at Glenwood, 6-1

We wouldn’t worry about that late goal

Alex Meza and Battle Mountain moved to 4-0 with a 6-1 victory at Glenwood Springs on Tuesday night. Meza had a goal in the win. (Chris Dillmann
Daily file photo)

Kids these days are so adorable.

Battle Mountain soccer gave up a goal on Tuesday night with three minutes left in its game at Glenwood Springs. The mood after the game was not good.

By the way, did we mention Battle Mountain won, 6-1, over Glenwood Springs at Stubler Memorial Field?

While we appreciate the attention to detail and the adherence to a higher standard, who gives a hoot about that late goal?

You just smashed the daylights (or nightlights) out of Glenwood, 6-1, at Stubler, truly a den of iniquity for the Huskies through the years.

As we have said in years past, take the three points and run, fellas.

“The boys were disappointed to have given up a goal,” Huskies coach David Cope said. “They were thinking about going through the whole season without allowing a goal. I said, ‘You guys have to find the enjoyment in the process. Do not let these little things get you down.’”

In Cope’s first year back in 1993, the Demons beat the Huskies, 9-0. Not until 1999 did the Huskies finally get a win at Stubler, and even then, they had only nine players left on the field because of red cards.

Among the other indignities suffered at Stubler through the years include the Great Cope Red Card Incident of 2003 (Thanks, Edgar) and the girls’ team nearly being struck by lightning. (We are not making this up. Emily LyBarger and company did nearly get zapped.)

The bigger question

Yes, the Huskies have only played 4-of-10 regular-season games, but a 6-1 win in Glenwood is a bit of an eye-opener.

The 2012 Battle Mountain team, the state champs, won there, 6-0. Previous results do not guarantee future outcomes. The 2019 team, which earned the No. 1 playoff seed and made the quarters, drew at Stubler.

This is the sort of victory that gets a fan thinking that this might, indeed, be a special year.

“I think it is,” Cope said. “We may go through the league season without knowing, but we have a lot of variety and a lot of guys stepping up.”

One of the reasons one could almost describe Cope as bubbly — and that adjective does not work for the coach — is the way the Huskies played the first half Tuesday. When Cope is describing a half as “almost perfect,” that’s different and good.

Kevin Chavez didn’t have to walk home from Glenwood because he brought his A-game with two assists in the first half and two goals in the second 40.

He assisted Jonathon Munoz in the 13th minute. One minute later, it was Alex Mesa to Bryant Ramirez. Chavez to Ivan “Tommy” Solis made it 3-0 and Leo Soto scored on a free kick. (Please note that was a free kick, not a penalty. The Huskies never get a P.K. in Glenwood.)

On a serious note, while every team in the Slope hates playing in Glenwood because the Demons always seem to get the calls, this is why the Huskies shouldn’t be disappointed by allowing a late goal. Had Glenwood not scored off a corner, something bizarre always happens at Stubler and the Demons would have scored anyway.

“At the half, 4-0? It’s just kind of stunning,” Cope said. “There’s just nothing to say but, ‘More of that,’ a real genius halftime talk.”

Ramirez to Chavez twice in the second iced any chances of a Demons rally.

The 4-0 Huskies head to Rifle on Thursday and then host Steamboat Springs on Saturday.

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