State spotlight – Erika Ghent |

State spotlight – Erika Ghent

You have to rely on your friends and that’s just what Erika Ghent did when interviewed Tuesday. Good friend, Morgan Wallace, served as her agent in this spotlight interview, a first for this feature. Not that Ghent needs much help when it comes to running. In her first year out for Battle Mountain, she qualified for state.

For more on Ghent (and Wallace), read on:

Date of birth: Aug. 29, 1988

Class: Sophomore

Born in: Fort Collins

Parents: Karen Lancaster and Brad Ghent

Siblings: Christa, 13, and Abby, 11

What’s it like being the big sis?: “You have a lot of responsibility. You get the blame for everything.”

What’s fun about cross country?: “I wanted to get in shape for skiing and soccer.”

What’s it like going to state in your first year of running?: “I’m not necessarily surprised. I worked really hard. It’s just an achievement, I guess.”

How do you prepare for a race physically and mentally?: “I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Mentally, I just keep myself focused.”

Best moment so far: Last week’s regional meet

Most embarrassing moment: (Wallace intercedes) “She tripped and fell hardcore down a mountain and kept running in one of our beginning races.”

What are coaches Kelli Witter and Rob Parish like?: “They’re awesome. They’re so supportive. They’re out there everyday, running just as much as we do.”

Favorite subject: English, reading the DaVinci Code (Wallace turned her onto it.)

What sports do you watch: Football and soccer

Favorite football team: Broncos

Are you going to be quarterbacking the Broncos, at this rate?: “Yes!”

Funniest teammate: Andrea Knight

Favorite soccer players: “All the women on the national team – Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, all those women.”

Favorite TV Show: Gilligan’s Island

Gilligan or the Skipper?: Gilligan

Favorite movie: Sweet Home Alabama

Favorite movie star: Brad Pitt

Favorite book: The Giving Tree

Hobbies: “Soccer, skiing, hanging out with friends, particularly Morgan Wallace.”

Powder day, where do you go?: Back Bowls

Mac or PC: PC

Favorite food: Chili and cornbread, must be made by Mom.

Favorite pizza slice: Cheese

Favorite color: Pink

First word: “Maybe it was like Mom or Dad.”

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?: Palm

If you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do?: “No school. I would help create world peace, and help starving people.”

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