State spotlight – Molly McGee |

State spotlight – Molly McGee

Editor’s note: Molly McGee is one of two runners who qualified for Saturday’s state cross country meet along with Erika Ghent. Ghent will be profiled in Friday’s paper.

Battle Mountain cross country runner, Molly McGee, did not have high expectations for her maiden voyage into this spot. She thought she’d finish last. While Vail Christian generally does produce some brilliant minds, McGee was dead wrong on that prediction. As a freshman, she’s going to Saturday’s state meet. Congratulations, Molly.

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Date of birth: Sept. 13, 1988

Born in: Eagle

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Parents: Carol and Mike

Siblings: Meagan and John McGee, 17

What’s it like to be the younger sister?: “You’re the attention getter, the baby.”

Class: Freshman

What prompted you to come to Battle Mountain from Vail Christian for cross country?: “I had some friends who told me to run cross country, and this is the only cross country team. My sister ran it when she was in school.”

What do you like about cross country?: “I like pushing myself hard, seeing what I can do.”

How to you keep going when you’re tired?: “I just approach it with everything I have. I just think it’s God’s talent. Just keep going.”

How tired are you at the end of a race?: “Ready to faint.”

How do you prepare for the days coming up to the race?: “I just focus on eating right and collecting my energy. I just avoid fatty food and sugar stuff.”

Favorite carbo-load: Pasta with homemade sauce

Are you surprised, going to state, as a freshman?: “I’m very surprised. I thought I was going to be one of the last people.”

How was the first practice?: “Very hard. I made it about two miles and I was just done. I was so tired.”

What’s your expectation for state?: “I’m just going to give it my all and see where I am. I have no idea.”

What’s it like to have your teammates still running with you?: “They’re incredibly supportive. I mean, they’re done running and they’re still coming to practice for two people. That’s very cool.”

What are coaches Kelli Witter and Rob Parish like? “They’re machines. They run everything. They run with us and don’t stop.”

Funniest teammate: Andy Given

Favorite subject: Geography

What’s the capital of California?: “Sacramento”

Career plans: Something that involves traveling

Sports you like to watch: Football

Favorite football team: Green Bay Packers

Last movie you’ve seen: Lord of the Rings

Favorite book: First, They Killed my Father

Hobbies: Swimming and playing the oboe and the sax

Mac or PC: PC

Favorite food: Pizza – “Everything. Mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage.”

Favorite color: Green

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?: Aspen

If you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do? “Spend money like crazy.”

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