Stay in the fall line on big bumps |

Stay in the fall line on big bumps

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Experts skiing down the fall line of a double-black-diamond bump run make it look beautifully simple. But anyone who’s tried it knows it’s not. Rather, it takes a complex set of advanced techniques in order to make it all happen, much less look good.Although entire books have been written on how to stay in the fall line on steep, close bumps, sometimes it’s helpful just to review a list of some of the most important things you should remember to do.n Always keep your hands in front and, for pole plants, reach as far down the fall line as you can while maintaining a balanced stance.

n Always keep both shoulders facing down the fall line and try to look two to three bumps ahead.n Keep your upper body quiet and do all your turning with your lower body.n Because the previous tip requires upper/lower body separation, stay loose. Relax.n Staying in a line on the steep pitches requires quick edge transfer, so each time you turn, put as much weight as possible on your downhill ski.

n Absorb the speed with your quads and calf muscles. This requires constant bending in your knees, so always keep them flexed and ready.n If you want to look good, try to keep your knees together.If you’re still having trouble, sometimes the problem is psychological. Once you’re able to ski in the bumps, in order to learn to ski them well, you have to commit to staying in the fall line.And no short check list can help you with commitment. Rather, for that, you might have to read a whole different kind of book.

Elizabeth Eber is an award-winning freelance writer who lives in Vail.Vail, Colorado

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