Stickney: 50-yard wedge |

Stickney: 50-yard wedge

Tom Stickney
Vail CO, Colorado

If you want more distance effectively and maintain as much accuracy as possible, please remember your distances are innate and personal. No matter how hard I try I, can only hit the ball 250 to 260, never 300+. It just can’t happen physiologically for me- I simply cannot generate enough clubhead speed necessary for a 300 yard drive, so I just accept it. I would do these three things to hit the ball farther for the long term most effectively. . .1) lengthen your shafts, 2) Improve your Impact Alignments, for swingers, by working on your pivot motion NOT your hands, and 3) Strengthen and Stretch your overall golf muscles.

Does the 50 yard wedge get you all worked up? Do you feel too much “arms” and cannot consistently control your distances? Go to the range and stick a bath towel under your armpits and across your chest. Try to hit these shots with the towel staying there- what happens? Your body and arms work together in efforts to produce the shot you are hitting- it should be a flat shot pattern. Watch Faldo, he is the master at letting the pivot of his body move and control his arms.

The secret to the short game lies in learning to control your trajectories- hit it too high and it will sit soft, hit it too low and it will scurry across the green in a hurry. The pending question is how do you do this and what are the secrets to controlling the height of the golf ball. We will look to three different sources. . .1) ball position, 2) weight displacement, and 3) hand positioning at address.

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