Stickney: Center of Gravity on set-up |

Stickney: Center of Gravity on set-up

Tom Stickney
Vail CO, Colorado

Everyone knows basically how to stand up to the golf ball at address, but most players do not understand the importance of the spinal tilt during this set-up phase. The lateral tilting of the spine at address controls where your center of gravity is located.

This center of gravity is located in your belt buckle, and must be positioned behind the golf ball at address.

If the “CG” is positioned in front of or even over the top of the golf ball a big reverse weight shift or sway could follow!

For a right handed player the Tour Average spinal tilt is 6 to 10 degrees (2-4 inches) to the right of center at address. . .this puts about 55% of your weight on your right foot. It will also place your right shoulder a few inches lower than your left, putting you in a powerful athletic starting position to hit the ball. (See Picture—-showing proper spinal tilt with two clubshafts) Go to the range and experiment, see for yourself what a difference this lateral spine tilt will make in your game!

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