Stickney: Check your divot for clues |

Stickney: Check your divot for clues

Tom Stickney
Vail CO, Colorado

Did you know that your divots or lack there of, tell you a story concerning the events of your past swing?

By only analyzing your divot and the ball’s flight result you can make an educated guess about what’s happening, and what you need to do in order to correct it.

If I ask you what type of consistent pattern your divots have at this moment, and you don’t know, it tells me one thing. . .your personal efforts of finding and subsequently fixing your swing flaws are going to be as effective trying to find a needle in a haystack in three seconds.

Take the time to look at your divot pattern, because this will show you the proper avenue in which to start fixing!

Tom F. Stickney II, G.S.E.D. and Director of Instruction at The Golf Academy at Cordillera. He can be reached at (970) 904-2485 or

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