Stickney: Clubface position |

Stickney: Clubface position

Tom Stickney
Vail CO, Colorado

If you look at the backswings of the professionals on Tour today you will notice one of three different positions at the top when you look at their left wrist and clubface alignment- square, open, or closed.

The position of the left wrist at the top controls the angle of the clubface at the top and will influence the shape of your shots. There are really two positions at the top that you see in the modern Tour player- square and slightly closed.

If your left wrist and clubface match at the top you are in a square position (picture) and the clubface will be at a 45 degree angle. I prefer to have my students in this position most of the time; however, with today’s stronger grips (where the hands are rotated to the right of center on the grip at address) you will also see a slightly closed position as well (when the face of the club points skyward).

When your clubface is closed at the top, like Tom Lehman, you must have a strong hip action to counter the out of position clubface at the top, or your shots will go left.

Spend your practice time in the mirror wisely; and also take the time to understand how your left wrist influences the “at the top” clubface position and you will play better golf!

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