Stickney: Deep rough and the Flyer lie |

Stickney: Deep rough and the Flyer lie

Tom Stickney
Vail CO, Colorado

Well by now, unless you hit it straight every time, you have hit it into the deep rough next to the pin and this is not good! What a pain this is can be if you do not have the correct technique to blast it out of the deep rough yet land it softly on the green. If you modify several factors at your address position you will truly understand how to hit this shot close more often. . .

1) Place the ball under the center of your sternum- this allows you to hit the ball with a steeper type of angle necessary not to get hung up in the rough.

2) Your weight should be sixty percent on your left foot- by doing this you will stop the tendency to fall back and stick the club into the ground.

3) The hands and clubshaft need to be in front of the ball at address, we need the hands to lead and power the club through the ball. If you stall out and the clubhead flips past the hands through the ball then you will slide under the ball and it will only go about three feet. If you would like open the clubface slightly to make a softer shot occur.

4) On the backswing allow the clubhead to work up into the air very steeply allowing the wrists to hinge or cock quicker. . .this action will cause the club to move back into the ball much steeper than usual.

5) KEEP YOUR PIVOT ROTATION MOVING THROUGH THE SHOT!!!!! You must keep your body moving or rotating through the shot to stop the hands from trying to take over, if this happens you will leave the ball in the tall grass.

Use these tips and you will be a much better player around the green.

If you have ever hit it into the rough and the ball is sitting up just slightly and there is grass around the back of the ball chances are you have a flyer lie. This is a type of lie that causes the ball to fly several yards further than expected and due to several other factors the ball will have very little spin. It is a lie that has caused more bogeys than you can count, so we need to understand how to play and counteract the effects of this type of lie so you can play better golf.

1) The flyer lie must be handled with respect. . .club selection is of utmost importance! It is not inconceivable to club down two or even three clubs, however the hard part is telling yourself that you can hit a seven iron 215 because of the lie that you have. Importantly though let the lie do the work, do not try to overswing, if so the ball will take off and go over the green.

2) When this shot is hit it will not curve too much. The good thing about this type of lie is that the grass caught between the clubface and ball counters any type of negative spin that is produced. So usually you wind up with slight pushes or pulls- don’t try to “work” the ball out of this lie, because it will want to go straight.

3) Allow for some roll when the ball hits the green. . .it will have very little backspin and will hit the green very hot. Most people forget about this factor and hit a good shot and then the ball rolls over the green- this is no good. Allow for the hot landing and you will be in good shape.

As far as the swing goes all we need to do is feel like the arms dominate the swing, if you get the body too active then you will find that you will go after the ball too hard. This aggressive motion will cause the ball to go too far if you are not careful, so swing easy and use the arms mostly.

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