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Stickney: Hand positioning

Tom Stickney
Vail CO, Colorado

By moving your hands around as compared to the ball’s position will alter the trajectory of the ball just slightly, but remember that this factor is slightly more advanced and will require a different ability level to pull this factor off when it counts. If you try this shot then please be careful.

If your hands are pushed well in front of the ball then it will go lower than normal, if your hands are just slightly ahead of the ball then it will have its normal trajectory, and finally if you position your hands in back of the ball it will go higher than normal.

If you have ever looked closely at the hand position of the professionals you will notice several changes as they hit different shots around the greens.

These hand positions help to alter the trajectory of the shot at hand and prove to fine tune the trajectory necessary to get up and down more often.

Use the incorrect position and you will flounder around the green, however if you pick the best possible hand position you will have lasting success for the long term.

Would be slightly in front of the ball’s position- about one inch forward of the ball. This position will give you the normal trajectory that you are looking for and you will use this position on most of your shots around the green.

Is when you position the hands between two to four inches in front of the ball’s current position in your stance.

This hand placement allows you to hit the ball lower than normal and is used when the pin is in back of the green or the wind is blowing so you can run the ball to the pin with ease. I feel that this hand position is the second most used position and also the most mis-used position used today.

You will see many high handicap golfers with this type of hand position trying to hit the ball high- it just does not work!

pPlacing the hands slightly behind the ball at address (one to three inches) will allow you to hit a higher and softer shot than usual.

This hand position is very hard to get used too and is also reserved for lower handicap players, but I encourage you to try your best to adopt this position into your game.

You will find that if you use this position your soft shots around the green will get even softer and shots that you never could get close before now are quite easy.

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