Stickney: Left foot at address |

Stickney: Left foot at address

Tom Stickney
Vail CO, Colorado

Flexibility is a big portion of the golf swing, as most people know, but did you know that the position of the left foot can impact the backswing length, hip turn, and subsequent torso rotation throughout the ball? Today, I want to show you two positions that will give the young and the old the flexibility necessary to be effective daily. For the less flexible player- place your left foot at a 45 degree angle to your stance line (3-5 inches open to the left,) this will tighten up your hip action but provide more torso rotational speed through the ball. The 45 degree position will allow more clubhead speed to be produced in the less flexible player without any extra work- what a deal! For the flexible player whose hips tend to get too quick on the downswing, place your left foot 90 degrees to your stance line, this action will add a touch more lateral hip motion to your downswing thus slowing down your hip’s rotational speed. If a flexible player uses the 90 degree left foot position he will be able to hit more controlled shots without feeling of being “out of control” or disconnected during impact of the golf ball!

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