Stickney: ‘New’ drivers and ball flight |

Stickney: ‘New’ drivers and ball flight

Tom Stickney
Vail CO, Colorado

In today’s market the old shallow face driver with a high center of gravity is no more- now you only see the new huge faced drivers with all sorts of alloy combinations from the Periodic Table on the tee.

These new weapons are all built with a very low center of gravity designed to get the ball up in the air, and all provide a longer hang time in the air for the average golfer. All these physic based properties equate to greater distances for each and every one of us. . .thank goodness!

The secret to gaining the most distance possible is to understand how to control your driver’s “launch angle.” In order to increase your driver’s launch angle you must increase the teeing height of your ball- that’s it.

Make the effort to tee the ball up where 1/2 of the ball (at the minimum) is above the top of the driver and your launch angle will increase automatically. If you adopt this simple alteration into your tee game you will gain distance, increase your launch angle, and fly the ball farther in the air which will make your game more enjoyable from the tee!

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