Stickney: Putting tips |

Stickney: Putting tips

Tom Stickney
Vail CO, Colorado

Do all your putts come up short? If so, it might not lie in your inability to judge the distances and your feel.

Check to see that you are keeping the putterhead low to the ground post impact. If your putterhead vaults up through impact, it will usually mean a high left shoulder and a breakdown of your left wrist. T

his in turn will deliver a glancing, upward blow to the ball itself, and this will take some of the ball’s initial separation velocity away causing it to come up short.

Or, check to see if your stroke continues to accelerate through impact, if not your backswing length is too long and your follow through stroke length is too short.

Tom F. Stickney II, G.S.E.D. and Director of Instruction at The Golf Academy at Cordillera. He can be reached at (970) 904-2485 or

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