Stickney: The balanced finish |

Stickney: The balanced finish

Tom Stickney
Vail CO, Colorado

Whenever I see Peter Jacobsen follow through to his finish position I just marvel at his balance! If you drew a line from his nose to his belt buckle, and then continued to his left knee and his left foot, you would notice it would be perfectly straight and perpendicular to the ground.

Normally this finish position is a by-product of the proper pivot (rotational) motion throughout the ball, but in practice you can fake it by using the mirror and training your body to do the right thing.

Your finish position balance is crucial to your shot’s consistency, and don’t fool yourself, even after the ball’s gone it will tell volumes about how your swing is performing.

Look at any good ball-striker (such as Jacobsen) finish, this bodily control will instantly tell you where the shot went. If a player is leaning to the left the ball is usually going to the right. . .if the player is falling over to the right the ball is usually going left.

In the future watch your finish position, and train your body to have good balance by working on your pivot motion, if so you will be a much better player.

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